Bundled Media Content | Web & Social


Publishing fresh relevant content to your social channels can be daunting at times. Trying to figure out what to say and then wrapping it into a brilliant media piece can take time, more time, and expertise than you might have. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and make it EASY ONLINE!

Make your brand stand out, and make it easy on yourself. We specialize in creating brilliant social media and website blogs that rise above the clutter. Content that will resonate with your target market, and digital media (videos, cinemagraphs, 3D video parallax) that will grab ATTENTION online and CONVERT.

We work with you 1 on 1 and determine the best type of media for you. Creating it in house, custom made for your brand. We will populate for you content that can be auto distributed on the most opportune times via an AI software program that measures the best times to post and distribute.

Package Bundles Include:
  • Premium Digital Media Social Post (Twitter, Facebook, Google Business Page, + Friendly)
  • High-Value SEO Blogs for Google Search Visibility
  • Social Media Video Shorts (animation, music, content placement)
  • Cinemagraphs
  • 3D Parallax Videos
Upgraded Social Post Include:

Parallax Video. An image converted into a video motion that conveys depth by having layers and 3D creating an illusion of depth. We add animation to create a sense of immersion as a virtual experience. A 3D image means three-dimensional, not only having the width and height of traditional images but also depth. Our real world is three-dimensional, so it makes sense that a more virtual 3D experience would be more appealing to your audience!

Animated GIFs. GIFs are images containing multiple images or frames within a single image file. The frames are then shown in a sequence in order to show an animation. You can choose to play your gif on an infinite loop or have it stop after a few sequences.


Cinemagraphs. The best way to describe a cinemagraph is that it is an image brought to life! It's not quite a photograph, but not quite a video either! Think about the moving pictures in Harry Potter and you are in the right ballpark! Cinemagraphs are dazzling. They capture and hold our attention, not quite a photo, not quite a video, they trick the mind into thinking it’s seeing something magical. The motion is subtle, just one or two small moving parts running on a loop while everything else is still.