Design Requirement

1. Name of Business

2. What is your current domain name/website address?

3. First Name

4. Last Name

5. Email Id

6. Phone (For Business)

7. What is the voice or personality of your business - this will be directed by your mission statement? (Friendly, Inspiring, Playful, Authoritative, Professional, etc.)

8. What is the tone of your business? (Personal, Humble, Clinical, Honest, Direct, etc.)

9. What is the purpose of your proposed website? (Awareness, Entertain, Educate, Engage, Sell, Amplify, etc.)

10. Do you like modern clean website design?

11. Do you like traditional website design?

12. Do you prefer bright colors?

13. Do you prefer muted colors?

14. Do you prefer black or white?

15. What are your favorite colors?

16. What color is your logo?

17. What are the Top 5 things that make your company/service stand out?

18. Do you want a lot of animation - movement on the page?

19. Would you prefer animation movement only on the top?

20. Do you prefer a static page?

21. Or animation for the entire page?

22. Do you have any other pages where animation may benefit?

23. Who should the contact form land in?

24. Do you need a video incorporated on the site?

25. What social media do you currently have in place?

26. Do you have any current pictures of your product/service/company?

27. Who works within your company that is a key employee/teammember?

28. Do you have a brick and mortar facility(ies) IF so what are the address(es)?

29. Do you currently have any 'branded' graphics that are on file?

30. What pages do you know for sure you need on the website?

31. Do you need an image gallery?

32. What are the Top 3 services/products that you provide, that you believe you are the leader in your area for?

33. What are ALL the services you provide?

34. What is your mission/promise statement?

35. What is your 1st Target Market?

36. What are the 5 Things/Reasons why this Target Market would want to use your services/product?

37. What is your 2nd Target Market?

38. Secondary Contact eMail?