Yes, I guess we all have something to say? Hmmmm?…..Well here’s my story in short form:

First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us online and learn more about blue dress®, Inc. My little story is about ‘The American Dream’.


I have been involved with online broadcast (Internet Radio, WebTV) and other social media online marketing since 2005. Then in 2009, with a desire to help others with my knowledge, I started my bluedress INTERNET MARKETING company in my tiny little two-bedroom apartment. It started off with one client and one employee (me). After six months of working with my one client, I acquired another client, then another. At that time, I had not marketed my company. But, what I realized, even with no marketing, I was still getting new business.

I saw the need. It became clear business owners did not have the time to do all the marketing necessary within their company. It was also difficult for them to do marketing on a consistent basis, implement it, and manage daily so that all their marketing ‘legs’ were working together to generate the maximum return.


I also noticed, most business owners did not know where to start, and to be quite honest really did not want to do the marketing themselves. They also didn’t know top from the bottom on how to increase their presence online. With no idea where they should start? But they knew they had to do something and did not necessarily want to hire an ‘internal’ marketing employee. So, I began the process of developing the structure of my company. I also decided to make it a legit company and incorporated in April of 2010.

Then in 2013 my little inc. of a company came up with something wonderful.

A new powerful internet marketing system was born. We found proprietary systems, organic processes, and trade secret formulas that allow our clients to powerfully share true, authentic content across a multi-channel on-line network. A whole new level of internet presence. This ‘network’ built right (from the ground up) equals Top of Page Ranking in Search Engines (Organically) and also shares branded authentic content that truly engages and educates your target market. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online….It is our winning bluedress Internet Optimization formula that you can not afford to miss out on!

Passion for Empowering Others Online and for Our Companies! Remember, Live life fully and passionately in all you do,

Ingrid Maddox

CEO & Founder