Geo-Fencing Beacon Marketing

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What is GEO-Fencing?

Geo-fencing is a new marketing technique that’s innovative, timely, and can put your organization or business right in front of potential customers when they are most likely to visit your location.

How does it work?

Geo-fencing is similar to using localized billboards to display your advertisements. Except, instead of using outdoor advertising to market your business, your ads appear on smartphones anytime your potential customers enter a particular geographic area or your retail store. This operates just like a fence! Customers enter your specified area and suddenly your ads are appearing at just the right time. The ads draw attention at the prime time when your target customers are nearest to your location, or as a customer walks into an area within your store. When someone uses their smartphone to search the web and you’re utilizing geo-fence advertising, your ad could appear on that device at the same time! This is a great way to maximize your return on investment (R.O.I.) because your ads are only seen by people who are interested in your product or service and close to your location.

Benefits of GEO-FENCE Advertising

Your company receives many benefits from this type of marketing. In addition to putting you on the leading edge of modern technology!

  • Customized Ads – your ads are targeted to reach only people who are in your area and likely to become your new customers.
  • Affordable – you could start with a small campaign and enlarge it as needed by extending your fence range.
  • Targeted – your marketing budget is not wasted on reaching people who are not likely to become customers.
  • You can use Geo-fence ads to reach local area people and bring them into your store, and while in the store market to them.
  • Brand awareness is increased – people will become better aware of what your organization offers and where you’re located.
  • R.O.I. : Return on Investment – Geo-fence advertising offers high ROI compared to other forms of marketing.

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Beacon Marketing

Since being introduced in 2013, Beacons have become increasingly popular and they are very much the next revolution in marketing. Some of the country’s top retailers are making use of the technology including the likes of Macy’s, Target, and CVS among others. Beacons are a way to produce customizable shopping experiences in the real world that simply cannot be replicated online. It is a great way to invigorate marketing plans for bricks and mortar retailers.

Beacons are placed strategically around the store and send a hyper-contextualized message to the smartphones of customers who approach it. According to consumer studies, 70% of shoppers who receive a beacon-triggered offer on their phone say they are more likely to make a purchase at the store during their visit because of it.

GEO-FENCING – Proximity Marketing

Creating proximity boundaries around businesses creates a consumer Geofence. Whenever a consumer enters this area, they will receive real-time push notifications informing them about deals, special events, featured products and more. This is a great way to engage with consumers. You are giving consumers real-time notifications at a time when they are most likely to use them!

Proximity marketing can even help to grow repeat business. Studies suggest that 61% of consumers would visit a store more often if they knew beacon marketing campaigns were in use. Why? Well, because they know they have the best chance of getting a great deal or discount coupon while in the store.

At blue dress® Internet Marketing we can help you to transform your business location into a powerful digital marketing zone with the help of proximity beacons, geofencing and push notifications.