Get to Know the Best Practices for Facebook & Instagram

Get to Know the Best Practices for Facebook & Instagram

Social Media Marketing is a vital part of any online strategy, and the key to success is understanding how to get the most from each social network. For example, Facebook and Instagram are all about community. That means to be successful on these platforms you need to connect with your followers. Users on these sites are more likely to engage with content that feels authentic and has not been overproduced. Facebook recently shared their Best Practice guides for social media marketing on Facebook and Instagram to help you get it right.

Let’s summarize what the document has to say!

Keep It Real

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to sharing your content on Facebook or Instagram is authenticity. Your social media marketing efforts are likely to fall flat if you ignore this! Overproduced content that does not match your brand’s voice will not be well received by your audience. Strive for conversational, authentic tone when you post. Choose exclusive content and behind the scenes information to share with your loyal audience. Give them a reason to keep coming back!

Posts Should be Frequent & Creative

There is a huge debate when it comes to social media marketing concerning how often you should post. There is no one size fits all rule! As long as the content being shared is fresh and authentic you could post every day and fans would still engage with you. Mix it up with a variety of content including photos, videos, lives, infographics and more!

Connecting with Fans

If you take away only one thing from these best practices to add to your social media marketing plan, then it is that your fans want to be acknowledged. If you respond to comments left by your followers, you might just find that you have secured a loyal customer for life! Take a few moments each day to respond to comments and connect with followers.

Another great way to connect with your followers is to have a live Q & A session on Instagram or Facebook. This allows you to communicate with your audience in real time and will do wonders for your social media engagement.

Don’t forget to examine your insights on both platforms to discover who your core audience is, what content they respond to most and even when they are most likely to be online to interact with you.

Other Best Practices to Consider

In addition to the advice summarized above, there are lots of other tips offered up that will help you take your social media marketing to the next level. For example, using location hashtags to take advantage of the 150 million people using Instagram’s explore tab every single day! There are also some great tips regarding videos and live streams which are being watched on the two platforms more than ever before.

It is well worth taking the time to check out the Facebook and Instagram best practices document – you never know what helpful hints you might pick up to help up your social media game!

To Your Best Online!

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