Our Mission

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bluedress INTERNET MARKETING, Inc. is a global internet marketing company headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee USA. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online®.


To be the global leader for online marketing.

To organically grow brands online and feed consumers with rich engagement that develops
relationships and ultimately produces customers and loyal brand advocates.


To never lose sight of what is most important:

  • Truth & Authenticity
  • Quick & Nimble Tracking
  • Beauty in Design
  • Bring Value & Be of Service
  • Clarity of Message
  • Never Compromise on Quality
  • Fresh Maintenance

We Make Internet Marketing Simple, Easy & Effective.

Our Signature Service is The Turn Key Internet Optimization Program. Creating Your Ultimate Online Presence.


Multiple Online Marketing Channels Custom Built for Brands.Channels Include Social, Blog, Content,Video, & Directory Sites.Fully Built via Our Proprietary Online Optimization System.

Program Includes:

  • Portal Build & Opening
  • Website Maintenance & Analytics
  • Custom Designed Graphics
  • Targeted Digital Social ADs
  • Brilliant Content Creation
  • With 4-5X Typical Response Rate
  • Fresh, Relevant Maintenance
  • Certified Google PPC Partner ( Up to 17% CTR)
  • Full Detailed Tracking & Engagement
  • Google Video Billboard Package (Video Icon 1st Page Rank!)

99% Guarantee for Top of Page Organic Rankings

Optimization Includes:

  • All Viable Social Sites (14+)
  • YouTube Build With Full Optimization
  • Rich SEO (Search Engine Optimized Blogs 5+)
  • Full Production for YouTube Video
  • Custom Software Applications
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance & Optimization
  • Custom Built Mobile Optimized Websites

Because we believe sharing what is real and true about a brand matters.

We also believe how you look and “communicate” online matters. We know there is power being in the right place
at the right time. Your brand deserves the ultimate online presence!