Successful PPC Strategies on a Budget

Successful PPC Strategies on a Budget

Managing a PPC, Pay-Per-Click, can cause a considerable amount of frustrations for the small business or businesses without a lot of capital. When dealing with Blue Dress Internet Marketing, a strategist will lay out how it is possible to have a highly productive PPC strategy without breaking the proverbial bank. Many business owners have the misconception the only way to have a successful PPC campaign is to throw money at it. Blue Dress Internet Marketing understands that, although money can help with the performance of a PPC strategy, it is not the only thing making them successful. By maximizing the budget for a PPC campaign, it is possible to see tremendous results.

Establish Campaign Goals:

When dealing with a Blue Dress Internet Marketing strategist, you will be required to establish realistic goals with regards to the PPC campaigns. Determining what to achieve is essential in helping to avoid unexpected expenditures and over-spending. It is most important to make a game plan as to how you are going to meet your PPC campaign goals.

Assess a Realistic Budget:

Establishing a realistic budget for your campaign goals is the next step in achieving goals. To determine this budget, your Blue Dress Internet Marketing strategist will ask that you answer a few questions.

·         How many leads are desired through the PPC campaign?

·         Have you specified what constitutes a genuine lead? Speculating on the expected Cost-Per-Click, or CPA is pointless without answering this question.

With Blue Dress Internet Marketing in your corner, you will need to assess your budget realistically.

  • Determine a Cost-Per-Lead Goal
  • Determine a new client goal
  • Determine an average close rate
  • Determine PPC leads based on client goal at your close rate
  • Establish a realistic budget based on the above data

Upon establishing your budget, it is essential to determine the best course of action to make your CPA cost-efficient. One of the most important things you can do is get the assistance of your Blue Dress Internet Marketing strategist. They can help improve your CPA by doing two things:

  1. Reduce CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
  2. Increase CVR (Conversion Rate)

An overall reduction in CPA and utilizing ads that perform at a superior level can help with the disbursement of funds in your budget. These two items can also help with the overall reduction in your PPC budget.

Don’t Forget the Keywords & Your Target Audience

Keywords play an incredible role in internet marketing. Having the most effective, relevant, and thorough list of keywords can make the difference between minimal traffic and an excellent level of traffic. Regularly check your keywords to ensure they are reaching the target audience. Furthermore, select keywords that will help generate searches and clicks. Measuring your keyword strategy is simple:

  • Keyword searches X Click-through-Rate = Estimated Monthly Traffic

Understanding who your target audience is plays a vital role in the creation of ads. Also, using geo-targeting to drive a campaign in a specific direction can assist in determining where to spend and not spend money. Geo-targeting is an invaluable tool for implementing successful campaigns.

The most important thing to remember about your PPC strategies is that a large budget is not a guarantee for a successful campaign. Focus on effective ads, relevant keywords, and knowing who your target audience is. All combined these can lead to your success with PPC.

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