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What Type of Website is Right For You?

What type of website is right for you? Do you need a complete website, a digital portfolio, or a single landing page? At bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® we will work with you to meet your individual needs. Some of the different types of websites you might be interested include:

  1. Website/Homepage - A full website or homepage is made up of multiple pages and is your brand's online hub of information.
  2. Magazine Site - A Magazine Websit is predominantly made up of articles, photos and videos which are informative and eductional.
  3. E-Commerce Website - If you need an online shopping portal then an e-commerce website is what you need to sell directly to consumers from your own website.
  4. Blog - A blog is a more casual style of website, not as formal as a magazine site, but which is updated regularly with articles and opinion pieces.
  5. Portfolio - If you are an artist, designer, filmmaker, photographer or other creative professional you need a digital portfolio to show off your work it the best possible light.
  6. Landing Page - A standalone page with one specific goal or call-to-action. These are often created for a specific campaign or special offer.