Are You Making These Common Mistakes With Your Website?

March 1, 2022

A bad website can have a negative impact on your brand and your revenue. If your business is working with an outdated website that lacks a good user experience, it is more likely to drive customers away instead of enticing them to learn more about your business. Slow page loading and cluttered designs take away your website’s enjoyment and usability, and your message will end up lost among the sea of digital clutter that makes up the internet. As a website builder in Knoxville, we see many very bad websites and all of them seem to be making similar mistakes.

Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that could be affecting your website.

1 – Your Page Loading Speed is Too Slow

Internet users have very short attention spans. When someone first lands on your website, you have just 5 seconds to capture their attention. Your visitors want to instantly figure out what you do and why they should be interested. If they have to wait for the page to load first, you have already lost them, and they are going to navigate away from your site and try one of your competitors instead. As a website builder in Knoxville, we understand the importance of websites that load quickly, and our designs are built with speed in mind. We use custom HTML code to eliminate the need for external coding that could slow your site down.

2 – You Have Made Basic SEO Errors

As a website builder in Knoxville, one of the things that we see most often on clients who come to us wondering why their website is not working is basic SEO errors that we could have quickly resolved. Some of the most common include:

  • Missing, Duplicate, or Invalid SEO Titles, Tags, and Meta Descriptions
  • Broken Links
  • Missing Pages With No Redirects

3 – Inconsistent Branding

When creating a recognizable online presence, you need a brand. That means choosing the right colors, logo, fonts, icons, and overall aesthetic and using it everywhere. One of the most common errors we see is a lack of consistency in the colors used across a website and too many different styles of graphics. If you don’t develop a brand image, you will never achieve brand recognition. As your website builder in Knoxville, we produce a branding palette listing the colors and fonts to be used throughout the project, from the logo through the website to social media.

4 – You Have Not Secured Your Website

For some time now, it has been made known that Google penalizes unsecured websites when determining ranking order. However, there are still an alarming number of businesses that have not invested in an SSL certificate. When visitors land on your website and see the words ”Not Secure,” what sort of impression do you think they have of your business? An HTTPS designation in your URL is a marker that tells your visitors that you care about their privacy and that any data they submit to your website will be secure. This is especially important if you sell anything via your website and accept payments. As your website builder in Knoxville, a valid SSL certificate will be one of the things we insist upon when building your website.

5 – Low-Quality Content

Your website will help you create the right first impression for your business. The content you place on it will be a crucial part of giving you credibility as an expert in your industry. If you are presenting low-quality content that is poorly researched and offers nothing of value, it will put people off. You need to provide visitors with relevant content that provides entertainment, education, or evokes an emotion. Even once you create that copy for your website’s homepage, you also need to review it regularly. Your brand and its goals are likely to change as you grow, and the content on your website has to be as accurate as possible.

6 – No Clear Blogging Strategy

Google is going to prioritize websites that are publishing new, relevant content regularly. However, many businesses simply build a website and leave it at that! It is important to make updates regularly with good quality content. As a website builder in Knoxville, we believe that one of the easiest ways to do this is by adding a blog to your website. It is important to update it regularly but remember quality matters more than quantity, so make sure that your posts are meaningful.

These are just a handful of the website mistakes we come across when helping our clients evaluate their current online presence. When you work with bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® as your website builder in Knoxville, we are going to make sure none of these mistakes are holding you back from winning online!


To Your Best Online!


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