It is easy to get confused if you are not familiar with all of the different online terminology out there! Landing pages seem like a type of website, but they are actually very different and they serve a totally different purpose. Let's take a look at the key differences between landing pages and websites.

Websites are a collection of several webpages all with a cohesive design and navigation. They contain a wealth of information about the brand they represent with the ultimate goal of providing consumers with all the information that they could need to educate them and/or convince them to make a purchase!

However, Landing Pages are a little different! These are standalone single pages designed with the sole purpose of driving traffic to a specific campaign goal. They look very different even if they are on the same domain as the main website. Landing pages have strong calls to action and are designed with a relatively simple layout so they don't distract from the desired result - getting a lead query or a call!

Landing Pages are made to create a quick call to action. Being able to give just enough information but not an overwhelming amount is the key to success with a proper Landing Page.

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These are one-page designs with multiple scroll sections that showcase your value proposition! Each scroll section is strategically designed with digital consumption in mind. What needs to be understood or processed in the mind of your consumer? This is how each scroll/communication section on your landing page is designed.

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Custom Contact Query Forms

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Unexpected Visual Experiences (cinematography, 3D Parallax, video shorts, etc)

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Contact Information with Click of a Button

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Video Explainers

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Quick Nav Options

  • Landing Pages Vs. Homepage: What's the Difference?

    Important Call to Action

Each one of our Landing Pages are custom-designed, custom-built, with the end in mind. Getting new leads!

Utilized by email marketing campaigns, targeted ads, google PPC, and organic search results. Our landing pages are made to convert and consistently get 4-5x the industry-standard conversion rates, due to the fact we look at the high search queries and high chatter of your market, incorporating those solutions to their queries on your landing page.