What is a Lead?

What do we mean by a lead? In simple terms, a lead is an individual, or another business, who has expressed some level of interest in your products and services. This could be someone who fills out a contact form on your website, requests a download of a catalog, signs up for email marketing, or sends a message on social media.

Lead generation is a key part of successful online marketing. It is a process that is used to encourage your online audience to take a specific action that will put them on the path towards purchasing goods or services from you. There are many different techniques that can be used for lead generation including PPC campaigns, Landing Pages, Email Marketing and more. At bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® we have a formula for winning online! Our proven lead generation process will generate a minimum of 5x industry standard response rates; and that means more business & money in your pocket!

what is a lead?

At the end of the day what matters is getting your website to evoke the response(s) you desire from its visitors. We identify upfront the action items and user experience needed to engage and convert. Creating the perfect pitch and language to increase standard conversion rates 100%+