If you have previously worked with an internet marketing company, you may find your experience at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® much different! That's because we take a different approach to online marketing.

Internet marketing is all about getting attention in the sea of digital clutter that exists online. That’s something that we do extremely well. It’s all about crafting the right message and putting it in front of the right audience! At bluedress our methodology is based on psychology. Having studied human behavior as it relates to the online environment, we use this knowledge to craft content and digital designs that will evoke genuine emotion. Which leads to an engagement and results in a conversion.

As a business owner, you have enough to keep up with already. bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® provides turnkey online marketing programs that share your message everywhere you need to be online, which creates more exposure and more buyers for your product/service. The data never lies. We do an in-depth analysis of your industry's keywords and their buying behaviors. Then we design and build a fully comprehensive online strategy for you based on these truths.

What is the bluedress Difference?

bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® is worlds apart from other digital marketing agencies


Focus on What is Real and True About You


Research What is Real and True About Your Target Market


Create Content and Design Media That Portray These Truths Via an Omni Channel Approach


Deliver an Enhanced Style of Media That Creates Unexpected Visual Experiences With Clear Messages that Resonate Service and Value to Your Target Market


Utilize Multiple Online Strategies to Generate Optimal Results For You


Amplify These Strategies with Boosted ADs and PPC to Multiply Your Reach


Track the Numbers & ROI to Continue to Bring the Highest ROI


Never Compromise on Excellence


Never Forget Who is at the End of Every Computer and Every Phone (the Human Element)


Know the End Result Desired is Always the Deciding Factor for Strategies and Every Little Decision We Make Along the Way

We take a different approach and that’s what makes us unique. When you choose us as your internet marketing company you will benefit from the bluedress difference.

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We Are Internet Strategy Consultants

One of the most significant differences, when you hire bluedress to handle your online marketing, is that we are internet strategy consultants. We don’t just build a website and hope for the best. We create a custom strategic plan for your business to provide a cohesive and effective online presence that generates results. Every graphic and every piece of content is created with that strategy at the forefront of our minds.

We Understand the Psychology of Digital Media & Communication Online

A large amount of creating your online strategy is based on psychology. We consider how consumers behave online and create content that is going to evoke an emotion in them. Keeping your audience engaged is about triggering the proper psychological response. Once they are engaged then it's up to our 'micro-moment' journeys to educate and ultimately convert them into loyal buying brand advocates.

Bluedress website builder Knoxville
Bluedress website builder Knoxville TN

We Keep Up with Consumer Trends

Things move fast online, and as your internet marketing company, it is our job to make sure that your message stays relevant to your target market. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is happening online, and we perform regular real-time search queries for your product or service to learn what consumers are looking for. Our goal is to find out your audience’s pain point and figure out how your product can solve it!

We Use Dynamic Types of Media

Our enhanced media packages include a range of enhanced, upgraded social posts designed to achieve maximum engagement from your audience. This includes dynamic social video content, 3D parallax animations, and cinemagraphs, also known as living photographs!

Bluedress website builder Knoxville Tennessee
Bluedress website builder TN

bluedress is a Boutique Agency

We are a boutique agency and are selective about the clients we take on board. This means that as your internet marketing company, we can offer you personalized service and attention to detail. You will not get lost in the shuffle like at a large agency. Everyone on our team will know your brand and your campaign intimately.

Accountability & Transparency

Online marketing is not just a job to us – it’s our passion. We commit to your campaign fully and hold ourselves accountable for giving you nothing but excellence. We believe in complete transparency and track all of your analytics to demonstrate how your campaigns are performing.

Bluedress website builder Tennessee
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Responsive & Efficient

As your internet marketing company, we aim to be responsive and efficient when communicating with our clients. You can expect issues to be resolved promptly, and when beginning a new campaign or project, we will give realistic goals so that you understand the timeline to expect.

Custom Work, Custom Made Around You

As an internet marketing company, we have waved goodbye to cookie-cutter websites and stale content marketing. Your online presence needs to be as unique and individual as your brand. Everything is custom-created to suit your style and voice. In a sea of digital clutter, our clients are the ones that stand out from the crowd.

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We Are a FULL Digital Team

Creating an online presence is not just one thing! It takes an entire team of skilled professionals working together. When you choose bluedress to be your internet marketing company, you get access to a whole digital team, including video producers, content creators, graphic designers, web coders, admin staff, and more. Whatever your online presence needs, our team can make it happen.

We Are at the Leading Edge of Digital Truths

Creating an online marketing strategy doesn’t mean that we are rigid in our approach. We have positioned ourselves at the leading edge of digital truths and are poised to adapt to changes as and when the market dictates.

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