Yes, I guess we all have something to say? Hmmmm?…..Well here’s my story in short form:

First of all thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit us online and learn more about bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, Inc.

My little story is about ‘The American Dream’.

I have been a small business owner since I was 22. I received my degree in Psychology from the University of TN Knoxville. I've been very thankful for the education, using that degree for communications and marketing in my businesses. I am a serial Entrepreneur. Every bone in my body, every blood cell, every brain neuron, and its synapses, screams Entrepreneur! I suppose that is why I am so passionate about helping Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

Bluedress SEO company Knoxville
Bluedress SEO company Knoxville TN

I tried a 'corporate' job for my first entry into the business arena after graduating. Needless to say, I lasted 6 months in a cubical. That was not for me! With a passion in my heart and a fire in my belly to do more, the entrepreneur in me partnered up and started a Healthcare Business and while managing the marketing & sales it grew to help thousands of people and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

When that business venture ended, I started my journey to help people market online. It was three years after Google went public that I jumped into the arena of Online Marketing & WebTV broadcasting. I launched an Online Business Directory that incorporated a Live Broadcast Radio Show. While doing the Radio Show we came up with the idea of an Internet Cafe to broadcast & house our Show. Within a year it became a Brick and Mortar Internet Cafe that included Live WebTV Broadcast(s) daily while simultaneously broadcasting our Radio Show featuring Entrepreneurs.

It was the year 2007 and I was fired up! I already had a passion for helping others, and helping others share their clear message online (their authentic truths) was exciting to me. I love sharing what is real and true and helping to connect others.

My favorite thing is to determine Human Behavior. Analyze it. To figure out what makes someone tick! That's a fun hobby for a Psych Major. This is one of the driving passions that helped us create our proprietary processes for optimizing online. A lot of big con-huge-co digital agencies lose the most important factor with online - the human element. We are an insanely connected big tech world. Behind that technology however, is a human being. That is one of the highest truths in our methodologies, human interaction, creating the journey, and evoking human emotion in the digital arena that really grabs attention and converts. We never lose site of that, and it's proven to be a core value that helps us win online for our clients.

After the Internet Cafe venture, and my driving desire to help others with my knowledge, I started my bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® company.

I saw the need. It became clear business owners did not have the time to do all the online marketing necessary within their company. It was also difficult for them to do it on a consistent basis, implement it, and manage daily so that all their digital marketing ‘legs’ were working together to generate the maximum return.

I also noticed, most business owners did not know where to start online, and to be quite honest really did not want to do the online marketing themselves. They also didn’t know top from the bottom on how to increase their presence online. It really was the wild wild west back then. Online had no method, no true scientific formula for winning.

Most of my clients had no idea where they should start? But they knew they had to do something and did not necessarily want to hire an ‘internal’ marketing employee. So, I began the process of developing the structure of my company. I also decided to make it a legit company and incorporated it in April of 2010.

I took it upon myself and was determined to create a process, a formula to help business owners make sense of the madness. Online is a big elephant, yet piece by piece you can eat that elephant. We found a way to create beauty and effectiveness for people, we developed the formula to help others navigate the chaos of online.

It was 2013 and my little inc. of a company came up with something wonderful.

A new powerful internet marketing system was born. We found proprietary systems, organic processes, and trade secret formulas that allow our clients to powerfully share true, authentic content across a multi-channel on-line network. A whole new level of internet presence. This ‘network’ built right (from the ground up) equals Top of Page Ranking in Search Engines (Organically) and also shares branded authentic content that truly engages and educates your target market. Everywhere and Anywhere You Need to Be Online….It is our winning bluedress Internet Optimization formula that you can not afford to miss out on!

Now we run with a Global Team. The Best of the Best are found at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, Inc. We are well-oiled machine at this point, with Graphic Designers, Digital Distributors, Content Creators, Web Coders, Video Animators, Quality Controllers, Business Strategist, Project Managers, + More Power. We've created what you need to be powerful online, and we have the systems and team to win for YOU!

My Message to All Business Owners:

When you have your own business, especially if you're a small business owner, you understand the term "Jack of All Trades". Doing whatever it takes and whatever is needed to drive your company & goals forward. Long hours, hard work, blood, sweat, and a bit of tears sometimes. We all know the joy of the "Business Owner's Journey". And ironically, it truly is a joy through all the challenges, a blessing to make your own way and create success for yourself and others along the way.

It would be my honor to help you with your online!

Let me and my team help make your online simple & easy... It would be our pleasure to be your partner for all your online marketing needs.

Passion for Empowering Others Online!

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