Custom Web Design Explained

Sep 22, 2022

The World Wide Web is seemingly infinite. The minute you open up a web browser, you'll enter a realm that turns into a wormhole where you can spend endless hours hopping from link to link. The concept is pretty simple when you really think about what a website is – it's online content identified by a common web domain that's published on at least one web server.

But, how all of this is created and who by isn't as simple to explain. Any given site you peruse may be created by an internet marketing company, a business owner, or even a tween in their basement. Now that we're no longer in the wild west of web design, we're seeing an evolution of refinement, and an internet marketing company may be more likely to be behind the wheel of creation now more than ever before.

The Popularity of Custom Sites

An internet marketing company regularly works with businesses on launching custom websites. Custom website design companies do so from the ground up. From the first words placed on the landing page to the finishing touches on the layout, a custom website design company touches every part of the process utilizing HTML or CSS. Some may use templates, but customization becomes limited traveling down that route.

Businesses often choose custom since a design company packs tools in their digital tool bag that non-techie people simply don't have. This is a very hand's on process between the client and the internet marketing company.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has surged. You can't look into web design without stumbling onto this term. Expert designers know how to harness the power of SEO, which ultimately lands your website on the top of internet searches.
  • Expertise and skill serve as critical elements when generating new web pages. Companies increasingly prefer to hire an internet marketing company to create custom websites since that's not the company's wheelhouse. If you own a jewelry business, you may know diamond quality in and out, but that doesn't qualify you as an HTML expert.
  • Quality reigns king when a professional website content company takes the reigns on your business' website.
  • Performance tracking commonly occurs when enlisting a professional company to design your site. They'll be your partner going forward and can perform diagnostics and examine traffic to tweak your website for optimal design.

Custom vs. Template – the Differences

If not hiring a custom design company, some of those wanting websites may decide to try to set up their site incorporating template building options. If you're interested in template website building, there are some differences worth knowing so you can make an informed decision on your ultimate final web product.

  • Consistency vs. creativity – there's a balance on this one. Builder templates present a consistent and uniform look since the user can only select specific layouts. But that's the caveat – the user can choose only certain design options using a template builder.
  • Cost – Templates can be built by anyone, from anywhere, for an affordable investment. An internet marketing company may cost more and demand more of your financial resources. But, you get what you pay for. If you need more hands-on interaction and feedback on your site, the template option strips out any interactive element for your creation.
  • The mock-up process – If you take the template route, it's all in your hands, and you'll be able to create a look for your own review and revise on the fly. Working with a custom company will require you to interact more and wait for designs and mock-ups for final approval before the website officially launches.
  • Timeline – Template site timing rests in your hands. If you're in a hurry to launch and blast through your design setup using pre-determined options, you can launch much faster than an internet marketing company. Though working with a custom web design company may feel tedious, the site will be hashed out with much more detail than pre-selected design options. You'll be involved in the entire process, providing input and tweaking to perfection. Just be aware that sometimes perfection takes a little more time, but it may be worth it in the end.

Take the time to really consider what you want from a website and what's best for you to achieve your ultimate vision. Custom and template sites provide many similarities for those wishing to generate a new website. But, there's also a list of significant differences worth considering. By taking the time to weigh all the differences, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision on where you want to go with your site.


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