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April 05, 2022

If you think back to the 'wild west' of the web when internet enthusiasts roamed their computers (i.e., everyone), you may recall that countless people sat behind their keyboards and attempted to build websites through various services in order to gain a special spot on the web. Fast-forward a couple of decades and you'll see that, though there are website design options for the everyday user, there is no replacement for custom web design. Google is a staple term for anyone trying to find answers online. It's even become a destination… 'to the Google!' In order to top that list of web results, cookie-cutter design options don't cut it.

Using services from a custom developer like bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® company will help your business climb to the top of search results. This Knoxville custom internet company implements made-to-order designs and website content using HTML5 to help you reach the summit.

What is HTML5? offers a quick explanation on HTML5 including some of its offerings. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) allows for modifications so you can have a unique site offering memorable content. This type of coding eliminates the need for pesky plugins and it works on various internet browsers dating back to IE6. HTML has progressed up to HTML5 over the years and is the most up-to-date option.

What Are the Advantages to HTML5 and Custom Websites?

Custom websites grab your attention and don’t drop into the background with all those template builders. Venturing into the custom route will provide countless benefits. digs in to explain some benefits to this coding and why custom sites are the way to go. An internet marketing company can work with this code and maximize the benefits.

  • Design – The options break the boundaries of template offerings. A fully customized design can be created to present a fluid, streamlined, and powerful experience to the website visitor.
  • Good rankings – If you want your site to top the list of search results, you need one built correctly to obtain that elusive ranking. The coding assures the site is written clearly and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performs as intended… with the ultimate goal of landing you an audience.
  • Multimedia – No need for plugins! Audio and Video are directly embedded into the site.
  • Geolocation – Visitors may permit their location to be shared on the website. Content can be provided to users with geolocation in mind.
  • Persistent local storage – This eliminates the problem with people deleting cookies. Plus, this makes the pages more secure. Additionally, large amounts of information can be stored and it won’t sacrifice performance on the site. Who loves watching a stagnant hourglass endlessly flip while waiting for anything at all to show up?
  • Better support for web apps – Mobile devices display content well when coding is used. So next time you pick up your iPhone and navigate to your favorite link, keep in mind that the coding dictates how you’ll experience the page.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Works better – Using HTML5, SEO is more effective and will land you on the radar quicker during internet searches. Having bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® company work on this for you would pull you up the ranks.

Why Are Template Builders Like WordPress A Bad Idea?

bluedress Internet Marketing® Company dissuades anyone from jumping into the template arena for websites. You’ll lose yourself in the droves of places vying for customer attention. The pitfalls add up and offer no benefit to you. You’ll likely find your search results buried in the double-digits of page numbers.

  • Plugins are often used – which means that users have to load external content and put themselves at risk. Plus, this can bog down everything.
  • Design – Those using cookie-cutter layout options merely see generic galleries to design the site. There are limited choices for someone to find ways to make their layout pop and rise to the top.
  • Slow internet website – Using generic builders like WordPress makes it easy to go in full-force and try to squish in any bell and whistle available. This will come at the cost of bogging down the site and detracting visitors from wanting to waste their time watching the screen attempt to load.
  • Onus is on YOU! If you travel the template road for web design and ditch the idea of an internet marketing company, be prepared to keep up with your site on maintaining it. This doesn’t just include the platform but any of the plugins you chose to incorporate.

Forbes Magazine published an article on HTML5 early on in the game. The piece offers a rundown on the advantages and even some disadvantages of this type of coding. bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® company knows how to navigate the cons and accentuate the pros.

If you decide to ditch a template option for your web design and choose a customized site, you’ll find that traction will likely be gained by breaking out of the mold. Once you weigh the pros and cons of HTML5 custom-built sites from an Internet marketing company vs. a cookie-cutter template choice, you’ll see that there’s no contest when deciding between the two.


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