Google Makes a $10 Billion Investment in Cybersecurity

October 04, 2021

Last month, Google participated in President Biden’s White House Cyber Security Meeting. At a time when widespread cyberattacks are exploiting vulnerabilities to target individuals, organizations, and government agencies alike, this is an important topic to address. 

Google Invests in Cybersecurity

Following the meeting, Google pledged an investment of $10 billion over the next five years to help strengthen cybersecurity. Some of the projects this money will support include expanding zero-trust programs, enhancing open-source security, and securing the software supply chain. Google is also pledging to train 100,000 Americans in IT Support and Data Analytics to help them learn in-demand skills such as data privacy and security. This will be done via the Google Career Certificate program.

Why is Cybersecurity So Important Now?

Over the last 18 months, there has been a considerable increase in cyberattacks. This is putting additional strain on valuable data and critical infrastructure. Even small businesses have been increasingly seeing attacks on their websites. There are some key elements that everyone is facing when it comes to facing cybersecurity:

1 – Too Many Companies Rely on Outdated Legacy Products

One of the most significant issues in cybersecurity is that many organizations, including government agencies, depend on outdated legacy software that is not equipped to deal with modern threats. Often these legacy software packages limit competition, inflate costs and create privacy risks. Adopting modern IT solutions can make huge steps towards securing data and infrastructure.

2 – Software Vendors Lack the Tools to Stop Malicious Attacks

Many software systems have significant security weaknesses that continue to be exploited by nation-state actors, cybercriminals, and other malicious actors. One of the biggest reasons these weaknesses continue to exist is that these vendors simply do not have the tools or expertise to stop cybercriminals.

3 – We Lack Trained Individuals to Tackle Cybersecurity Issues

Following on from the previous point, it seems like most countries simply do not have enough people who are adequately trained to prevent or even deal with these types of threats.


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