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May 16, 2023

If you want your small business to succeed in today's marketplace, having a solid online presence is essential. If you operate in a specific geographic area, it is important to take advantage of every marketing opportunity so that you can raise your online profile above your local competitors. One of the techniques that can be incredibly useful is Local SEO. Let's take a closer look at what this involves and how an SEO company in Knoxville can help you make the most of it.

What is Local SEO?

You may already have heard of Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, which is the umbrella term for a number of techniques designed to help businesses rank on search engine results pages. Traditionally the results focus on a national or global audience. However, if you only work in your local area, that may be too large of a net to cast! That's where Local SEO comes in. Essentially, this is the same as a standard SEO strategy, but it uses additional techniques to narrow the focus to a smaller geographical area. This means that as a business serving a single location, you will benefit from more refined search results.

Does Local SEO Really Matter?

As an SEO company in Knoxville, we get a lot of questions about whether or not Local SEO is really worth investing in. Some business owners think that if they target consumers within their town and sell face-to-face in a physical location, they don't need to worry about chasing down more customers on the Internet! However, it is 2023, and everyone has a smartphone in their pocket! Check out some of the statistics that illustrate why Local SEO matters for a local business!

  • 46% of ALL Google searches are for local businesses
  • Of the average 89.3 billion searches every month, 1.5 billion were 'Near Me' searches
  • In the US, approximately 18 to 27 billion local searches happen on Google every month
  • 97% of people using online searches are looking for a local business
  • 88% of mobile searches will convert to a store visit, call, or purchase within the next week

The Google Local 3-Pack

If you have ever searched for a product or service, you have likely seen the so-called Local 3-pack on the results page. This is a group of three businesses in the area that are displayed on the search results page for a specific local search query. In 93% of Google Local searches, it is one of the local 3-pack that ranks in the top position on the page! It's a valuable group for your local business to be a part of! The local 3-pack is the business that Google has deemed relevant, prominent, and in close proximity to the user. The results will display their Google Business profile and a map showing all three businesses' locations. These three local pack listings enjoy click-through rates that are twice that of the other organic results on the first page. The good news is that it is possible to optimize your business for a better chance to be included with a bit of help from an SEO company in Knoxville.

One thing that we do need to be clear about is that you cannot optimize your online presence specifically for the Local 3-pack. One of the key factors is proximity to the searcher, so the results will vary depending on their current location. However, an SEO company in Knoxville can help you optimize your online presence to be more likely to appear there based on relevance and prominence if you are already in the 'catchment area' for the query. Here are some of the steps that you can take.

  1. Make sure you have your Google Business profile 100% complete and up to date. This is the one factor you have the most control over and is heavily weighted in the criteria for making the Local 3-Pack. Make sure everything is accurate and add some fresh new images regularly.
  2. Encourage your existing customers to leave a review on Google. Positive reviews boost your visibility and will contribute to the prominence aspect of the 3-Pack criteria. As an additional bonus, if you do make the cut, your star rating is going to be visible on the listing!
  3. Check all online platforms, including your website and social media accounts, to make sure that your contact information is correct and consistent. You should display your business name, address, email, and phone number.
  4. Work on building locally relevant links in your local community. This includes joining your local Chamber of Commerce, sponsoring local events, and partnering with other local businesses. This helps to establish your prominence in the local community. It's also going to give some reputable backlinks for you.
  5. Speaking of backlinks, this will also help boost your organic rank. One of the best ways to get quality backlinks is to focus on distributing high-quality, relevant content that people will want to share. Talk to your local SEO company in Knoxville to develop a great content strategy and editorial calendar.
  6. Pay attention to your social media presence. This is a great way to interact with local consumers and build your own online community of loyal followers. This can also increase your organic rank and establish your prominence in the local area.

If you want to start incorporating some Local SEO into your online marketing strategies, reach out to an SEO company today for advice.

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