Is It Time to Rebrand Your Business?

Jul 15, 2022

Many small business owners become incredibly attached to their branding. So much so that they continue to use it even after the business evolves and the branding no longer reflects the brand's core values. It is important to understand that rebranding is a natural step in the life cycle of any business, and it is not something to be afraid of. You don't need to do anything drastic, like changing your name, but sometimes refreshing your website, updating your logo, or choosing a new signature color can make a huge difference, especially when it comes to your online presence. Knowing when the time is right to rebrand your business is key. This is something that an internet strategy consultant can help with. So, let's take a look at some of the signs that your brand is in need of a refresh!

Your Brand is Out of Date

If you, or worse, your customers, are beginning to feel like your brand has gotten stale or out of date, then it is probably a good time to rebrand. This is especially common in brands that have been around for a long time. What looked cool and hip in the early noughties doesn't look so trendy in 2022! It is important to stay current with the market, but at the same time, you don't want to follow the latest fads, or you will be outdated in no time. If you are going to give your brand an aesthetic makeover to bring it into the present, make sure you make timeless choices that will see you into the future too. An internet strategy consultant can help you to choose the right visuals to resonate with your current customers and help to attract new ones.

You Are Not Targeting a Specific Audience

Sometimes when a new business starts up, it will cast its net wide in order to capture new customers. However, unless you have a fairly generic product, it is unlikely that you will appeal to such a broad audience. Working with an internet strategy consultant is important to pinpoint your true target audience. Who are the people who actually need or want the products you are offering? Once you have pinpointed your target market, you can start thinking about how to alter your branding to best appeal to that demographic.

Your Brand is No Longer (or Never Was) Unique!

If your customers cannot tell the difference between you and your competitors, then it is time to rebrand! When you are doing business, you need to get attention. This is especially true when you are working online. The internet is a sea of digital clutter; you won't be noticed if you are not floating to the top. If you want to make your voice heard online, you need to tell people what makes you better or more unique than every other company offering a similar product. Working with an internet strategy consultant is a great way to solidify your unique voice and selling point, which will then allow you to rebrand in a way that properly reflects your business and makes it stand out from the crowd.

Your Business Has Evolved

Think about what your business was when you first settled on your current branding. Is it still the same today? If you have been in business for a while, then the answer is likely to be no! Maybe your core values have evolved over the years? Have you added new products or diversified into other niches? Whatever the reason behind changes to your business, the fact remains that your brand no longer represents what your business stands for. That means it is time to make a change. Talking to an internet strategy consultant is an excellent way to develop a new concept for your branding that reflects your current status but leaves room for continuing growth.

Your Target Market Doesn't Understand Your Branding

Your business should have a unique value proposition that promises your target audience that you will deliver quality and value. However, if your branding is confusing your target market, they may struggle to grasp what your value proposition actually is. Sometimes switching up your branding to better reflect what your business brings to the table can help to make it clear to your audience. An internet marketing consultant can help you to develop the right tone and style that will attract the right type of customers to your brand.

Your Brand Has a Negative Image

Does your brand have any negative connotations? This could be because of a bad business decision or scandal related to your brand, a negative connection to an icon or word in your branding, or maybe it is just too similar to another business that has caused a negative reaction in the community? Whatever the reason, once your brand is associated with negativity in the minds of consumers, it can be very difficult to change that perception. A complete rebrand for your business is the best way to move forward. Talk to an internet strategy consultant about starting afresh with new branding that won't have negative associations.


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