Most Important Elements of Your Social Media Strategy

Oct 18, 2022

One of the great things about social media marketing is that great things can be achieved with a limited budget. It costs nothing to open an account on the main social media platforms and start sharing content. Once you build up your social media presence, you might want to start investing a little cash into growing it even further. Let’s look at some of the most essential elements of a social media marketing strategy that you will want to spend the most time and money developing.

1 - Quality Images

One of the core elements of social media marketing is the visual aspect. If you want people to stop scrolling and pay attention to your posts, you need to ensure that your visual elements catch their eye. It is estimated that most people have an attention span of fewer than 9 seconds, so it is essential to grab their attention as quickly as possible. Research shows that social media posts that contain an image are ten times more engaging than text-only content. With that in mind, doesn’t investing in quality images for your social media marketing strategy make sense? Try booking your own photo shoot to capture some unique images of your brand, or invest in licensing good-quality stock images.

2 - Building Engagement

The businesses that have the most social media marketing success are the ones that manage to get Engagement just right. The beauty of social media is that it allows a real-time connection between you and your audience. It is not enough to just publish engaging content; you also have to spend time interacting with your audience. Respond to comments and questions. Engage in conversations. Monitor your messages so that someone always gets a response. All of this takes time and resources, but building a community around your brand is well worth it. When your audience feels directly engaged, they will become your biggest ambassadors online.

3 - Budget For Paid Ads

While most aspects of social media marketing can be achieved for little to no cost, one area where it is worth investing some money is paid advertising. Even a small budget dedicated to weekly social media ads can increase your reach and drive traffic to your website. The key to success is choosing the right demographics to target, so you will need a good understanding of who your ideal customer actually is.

4 - Video Content

Here is an interesting fact for you - 83% of consumers will consider sharing a video with their friends via social media if it interests them! That gives you a huge potential to expand your reach! Video content is more engaging because it is easier for consumers to digest than large blocks of text. You only have to look at the explosive growth of video sharing platform TikTok to see that social media users enjoy video content, especially in a short dynamic format. It is worth investing in video marketing as it can be a fantastic tool in your social media marketing arsenal. Don’t forget to include a transcription of the audio alongside your video to make them more accessible.

5 - Content Creation

The content you create is at the heart of every successful social media marketing campaign. This is the foundation on which all of the other elements are built. Without it, the rest of your social media marketing strategy would crumble. Take time to think carefully about the type of content that your audience wants to see. The best way to find the right topics to cover is to spend time really getting to know your audience. What are their interests? Is there a common pain point that you could help them to resolve? Ensure you are writing content your target demographic will want to engage with. With so much digital clutter online these days, it is necessary to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to content. Don’t share content as filler. It has to be entertaining, educational, or evoke emotion. For a consumer to give you a few minutes of valuable time, your content has to offer them something of value in return.

Social media marketing can seem daunting when you don’t know the best approach to take. That’s why at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, we are here to do the heavy lifting. We will help you to determine the kind of content your target market wants to see and then craft engaging media pieces that will grab attention online! Talk to us about your social media marketing strategy today.


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