New Year’s Resolutions For Your Website

Jan 11, 2023

2023 is already well underway, and many small business owners are thinking about some of the ways they can make a fresh start for the year ahead. One of the best ways to give your business a lift in honor of the new year is to refresh your website! Internet marketing is constantly evolving, and if you don't keep up with the latest changes, your business could get left behind, drifting into a sea of digital clutter! Let's take a look at some New Year's resolutions you can make for your website to help boost your internet marketing efforts in 2023.

Dig Into Your Analytics

Have you installed Google Analytics on your website yet? If the answer is no, then it's something you will want to take care of sooner rather than later! If you have it installed already, then there is a good chance you have yet to use it to its full potential! Analytics are like the backbone of internet marketing. You can find out a great deal about your online audience and their habits just by looking at your analytics data in detail. There is so much you can learn from Google Analytics, but let's start off small and focus on looking at where your traffic is coming from and which pages on your site are getting the most traffic. You might be surprised to learn what content your audience is interacting with. All too often, it is not the pages you expect that are holding your audience's attention. If you find this to be the case - it's time to revise your content strategy.

Time For a Content Audit

If your deep dive into your Google Analytics data and other platform insights has shown you a few surprises regarding your most popular content, it is a great time to audit your current content marketing strategy and make some changes for the year ahead. You should do this at regular intervals throughout the year, not just at New Year! Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Check for accuracy and relevancy - Fix any errors in your existing content, whether that means correcting a spelling error, updating the statistics you have been citing, or removing content no longer relevant to your brand.
  2. Remove unnecessary pages - If your Google Analytics data has shown you some pages that get very few visits, consider whether those pages are needed. Could the information be incorporated into another page on the website? Is the content something your audience is even interested in seeing? Get rid of this dead weight and make room in your internet marketing strategy for lots of fresh and exciting new content.
  3. Get more from your best content - If you have identified the pieces of content on your website that are getting the most attention from your online audience, make the most of those pieces by revising them for the new year! See what you can add to expand your information, and look for up-to-date statistics that support your comments. Think about how to incorporate your latest keywords to help it gain even more traction. In addition, to strengthen your existing content, you can also look at ways to stretch your best content to go further. Pull out a few key points to Tweet to your audience, or use your content to produce video shorts and infographics.
  4. Check on your competition - If you have competitors who are ranking higher than you for certain keywords, take time to check out their content and figure out why Google thinks it is better! Do they have stronger visuals? Is it organized using a structure that makes sense? Refrain from copying what your competition is doing, but look to see where you are going wrong and use that information to work on a new action plan!

Start Keeping Lists of Your Ideas

Cast your mind back to last year. How often did you think of a potentially great idea only to forget all about it when sitting down to work? It happens to all of us and is not exclusive to internet marketing, but combating this problem can benefit your website. Set yourself up a system to take notes wherever you are so that you can take time to think through your ideas and put the smart ones into motion. It can be as simple as a notepad and pen you carry with you at all times, or you can use a note-taking or project management app if you want to be a little more hi-tech! Some great options include Notion, Goodnotes, and Asana.

Develop a Consistent Schedule

One of the key elements that Google is looking for when ranking websites is whether or not they are frequently updated with fresh and relevant content. That means you need to keep on top of consistently creating new content for your website and social media. However, it is important to remember that when it comes to internet marketing, quality matters more than quantity. You cannot rush out large volumes of content to satisfy the regular update requirement! Take your time and craft content that is educational, engaging, and offers something of value. As long as you are publishing consistently, you will still be classed as updating regularly. That might mean once a week or it might mean once a month. In order to keep on a consistent schedule, it is an excellent idea to produce a content calendar with some of the key topics you want to cover in the coming weeks. If you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of producing a steady stream of new content, work with an internet marketing agency like bluedress INTERNET MARKETING.

Be More Active Online!

We have all made a New Year's resolution to be more active at some time or another. This usually applies to getting out more or hitting the gym, but it can also be applied to your online presence! What can you do to be more active on your website? Here are a few suggestions you could include in your internet marketing strategy for this year.

  • Commit to updating your blog more regularly
  • Send out a newsletter on a consistent schedule
  • Post more on social media
  • Spend more time responding to comments on social media
  • Network with your target market by posting in relevant groups and forums


To Your Best Online!

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