Online Marketing is the Biggest Challenge Facing Business Owners

Aug 12, 2022

It's funny when people say "I wish I were an entrepreneur and owned my own business.'" I honestly have to hold back a small laugh when I hear this, and I think, brother if you only knew. If they had any idea how many times I wished I could go to work, punch a clock, go home, and do nothing. I get a warm fuzzy just thinking about it. But, I must admit the 9-5 idea of life doesn't last very long, and soon I'm back to strategizing and anticipating my next business objective. DNA.

I can't find fault in their desire to be business owners; Hollywood's portrayal of the average entrepreneur looks pretty tempting. Only the difference is shown in the additional actual footage (not released & unedited version) they aren't privileged to review. LOL, Most people think it is sexy to be your own man or woman and to call the shots. Drawl or be out-drawn in a gunfight if they only knew, right? And we're all super rich.

Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't and honestly couldn't have it any other way. I think it's in our blood or our DNA. Because we would choose no other means for employment, we need the unanticipated challenges and the incredible wins from a well-thought-out goal put into action and accomplished.

That's why one of the most critical skills we must work to master as business owners is to prepare in advance for unanticipated problems. Of course, we can never eliminate all of the surprises in business, but if we can drastically reduce the number and severity of the obstacles we have to deal with, that would be a huge plus. What separates a successful business owner from a not-yet-successful business owner is the ability to circumvent potential problems before they present themselves. This is where we learn the most significant lessons of business growth.

Online Marketing is One of Those Challenges

One particular area that throws up many unexpected challenges in the business sector is online marketing. The main sticking point for most business owners is that online marketing moves so quickly. It is unlike any other industry in terms of how fast it evolves, and most entrepreneurs are surprised by this! Whether you manage online marketing in-house or outsource the task, one thing is always the same - expect the unexpected. First, we can all agree there's no getting out of the need for having a systematic, ongoing method to capture new customers and increase sales revenues. Marketing will always be a staple in your business growth in some capacity.

Think about it once we secured most of our new business opportunities using the following methods.

  • Rolodex/networking
  • Phone book
  • Newspaper
  • Park bench sign
  • Grocery-cart ad
  • Word of mouth
  • Family & friends

Successful online marketing in 2022 and beyond requires a team of dedicated specialists working for you on your campaigns. Getting a website built and setting up your social media to get attention online is not enough anymore. Today with the increasing numbers of businesses marketing their products and services on the internet, it's very crowded online. And it requires an expert team to help elevate your voice and to stand out from the chatter.

There are 4.57 billion users on the internet at any time, and they are buying and selling everything from apples to airplanes. In 2019, there were 1.92 billion digital buyers, and eCommerce sales account for 14.1% of retail purchases worldwide. Since online shopping, in general, is growing so fast that in 2023, eCommerce retail purchases will rise from 14.1% to 22%.

And you're competing for attention among hundreds of thousands of E-Commerce sites. It's estimated that by 2023 over 300 million Americans will become part of the online shopping craze. This represents almost 92% of the American population. Online shopping and the need for expert online marketing services will continue to expand.

It's more critical today than ever to have an experienced team helping you ensure ease of navigation for your client's online marketing experience.

If removing unanticipated challenges in your online marketing campaigns ranks high on your list, we have the answer at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING; we utilize the art of psychology within digital communications. For example, we create a website or a social media message that is more than just a graphic and text. Instead, we focus on digital marketing messaging that builds micro-moments and creates product desire. Understanding human behaviors and the emotional connections required to build brand loyalty has been our main objective for the last fifteen years. We aim to help you create a lead generation system.

Attracting new customers through lead generation is vital to successful online marketing. It is a process to encourage your online audience to take a specific action towards purchasing goods or services from you. We utilize many different techniques to help you drive traffic, such as PPC campaigns, Landing Pages, Email Marketing, and more. At bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®

Let our team help you reach your marketing goals using our proven formula for winning online! Our lead generation process will generate a minimum of 5x industry standard response rates, which means more business & money in your pocket! Contact bluedress today and know that you have your online marketing fully optimized.


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