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Optimizing Your Content to Boost Your Google Rankings

May 28, 2021

As most of you should know by now, the world of online marketing is in a constant state of evolution! That’s why so many people need the help of an internet marketing company to stay on top of the latest changes. One of the most frequent changes we need to make sure stays on our radars as internet marketers is the ever-changing Google Search algorithm. Google is constantly tweaking its algorithm to improve the search experience for consumers, and your content marketing strategy must evolve to reflect these changes.

Let’s look at some of the key content strategies we recommend as an internet marketing company.

1 – Keep Track of SERP Features

Anyone who has been online for a while knows that Google’s search engine results page (SERP) has come a long way from the list of links that it used to be. When you visit SERP today, you can see various features, including paid adverts, video suggestions, featured snippets, and related questions people ask. It is important to optimize your content by including appropriate image captions, alt text, snippets, subheaders, and video descriptions using your keywords. This gives you the best possible chance of appearing on page one of SERP.

2 – Create Content With Search Intent in Mind

As an internet marketing company, we have been monitoring closely in recent years how Search has evolved beyond keywords. It is all about the consumer journey, and Google uses ‘search intent’ as a key signal in deciding which results to return during a search. It is important to consider intent when you are writing content and consider google’s three types of search intent:

  • Know – This refers to an informational search
  • Do – This deals with transactional searches
  • Go – This type of search is navigational

What is your goal? If you want consumers to come to your physical location, you will focus on a ‘Go’ search. However, if you’re going to teach them something, then ‘Know’ is more appropriate.

3 – Answer Questions for Your Audience

A great way to make sure you address any questions your target audience may have is to search your keywords on Google and look at the ‘people also ask’ section to see some related questions. You can use this list to guide some new pieces of content that would answer these questions.


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