Principles of Good Web Design

Sep 05, 2023

What makes a good website? The answer is complex. The best websites offer an excellent user experience and visual appeal, but that isn't enough to make it to the top in today's digital world. Your website must also be carefully designed to satisfy the requirements of the Google search algorithm. That's why it is important to work with an experienced website builder in Knoxville to strike the perfect balance and design a website that will get your brand noticed in the vast sea of digital clutter that makes up the internet!

Let's take a look at some of the principles of good web design that can help you achieve a user-friendly website that also satisfies search engine algorithms.

Don't Make Your Visitors Have to Think!

There are two things that almost all web users have in common. They are inherently lazy, and they are always in a hurry! When they need information, they want it served to them immediately and with the minimum amount of effort! What does that mean for website design? For starters, your website needs to be user-friendly with an intuitive structure and navigation. Eliminate unnecessary questions by making your website clear and easy to navigate. If your visitors have to think about where to click to find what they need, they will quickly lose interest and move on to a competitor's website. A professional website builder in Knoxville can help you determine the best way to make your website intuitive for your visitors, ensuring they can find the information they need without thinking too hard!

Mobile Browsing Matters

There is no longer an excuse for having a website that is not easy to browse on mobile devices. As of May 2023, almost 68% of all website visits are from mobile devices! When you work with a website builder in Knoxville, they must produce a design that is optimized for mobile browsing. If they don't, you could be missing out on a significant amount of traffic.

Keep It Simple!

While an attractive design is a vital part of website design, it is also important to remember that enjoying the design is not the main reason a visitor will visit the site! Their priority is to find the information they need, so make sure that it is not overwhelmed by a busy design. Keep it simple when it comes to the design and layout to make the site easier for visitors to navigate. Any design elements you include should serve a purpose rather than just being there for the sake of making it fancy!

Embrace White Space

Following on from the idea of keeping things simple, when you work with a website builder in Knoxville to design a new website, don't be afraid to embrace white space! Most website visitors will quickly scan the page on arrival to decide if they want to stay and look closer. If your design has a decent amount of white space, it can reduce cognitive load, making it easier for your visitors to skim the content.

Take Advantage of All SEO Opportunities

Let's turn our attention away from the front-end design aspects of your website and talk about search engine optimization (SEO). There are multiple on-site opportunities for boosting your website SEO, and any experienced website builder in Knoxville should take steps to take advantage of these opportunities. Some of the opportunities include the following:

  • Website Titles - Each page of your website should have a unique title that appears in the browser tab. Take advantage of this by using a descriptive title that contains at least one of your targeted keywords.
  • Meta Descriptions - When your website shows up on Google Search, it will be presented using the title and a short snippet of text. Again, this can be defined for each individual page and should describe the content of the page using one or more targeted keywords.
  • Image Titles & Alt Tags - Search engines also read your images. Your image files should be titled using a keyword that is related to the image, and the alt tags should use similar wording, as these can help give context when images have failed to load.
  • Meta Tags - Search engines can read the meta tags to learn more about your website, so be sure to include important keywords and phrases.
  • Content - Your content should also be rich in your targeted keywords. Just be sure to make it relevant and avoid keyword stuffing, as this can cause your content to be labeled as spam.

These are just a few of the most important principles of great web design. When you work with an experienced website builder in Knoxville, they will be able to implement all of these and more to ensure your website ranks well and is also going to hold the attention of your visitors.

To Your Best Online!


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