Super Follows – A New Feature Introduced by Twitter

September 29, 2021

Let’s talk about Twitter! Almost everybody is familiar with this popular social media platform. A platform where you can follow all those famous personalities and celebrities to read what they tweet. Twitter is a powerful platform for users to engage in conversation with other people having common interests.

  • Twitter has around 199 million monetizable daily active users.
  • 1 out of every 5 US Adults uses Twitter.
  • Nearly 500 million Tweets are posted every day.

Introducing Super Follows

Twitter has officially introduced a new feature named ‘Super Follows.’ This feature would allow content creators and influencers to earn revenue on a monthly basis by sharing exclusive subscriber-only content with their Twitter followers. The introduction of this new ‘Super Follows’ feature means that users would now be able to support their favorite creators and get access to exclusive content from them.

Who Can Use the Super Follows Features?

At present, people living in the US and Canada using iOS can Super Follow a certain group of people within the US. Later, the Super Follows feature will be made available to Twitter users using iOS across the globe.

The Super Follows feature is for all those creators and influencers who want to create and promote unique content that their followers will love. The Super Follows feature will allow these creators to earn monthly revenue by sharing unique content with their most dedicated followers.

Subscription Fee for Super Follows

  • The Super Follows monthly subscription fees vary from $2.99, $4.99, and $9.99, depending on the creator.
  • Based on the platform fees, content creators can earn up to 97 percent of the subscription fees.

Eligibility Criteria for Enabling the Super Follows Feature

When the Super Follows feature was launched by Twitter, it was only limited to a small group of people in the US. However, other content creators can also apply and join the waitlist for their chance.

In order to be a Super Follows content creator, the Twitter user must meet the following criteria:

  • minimum 18 years of age is required
  • must have a minimum of 10,000 Twitter followers.
  • Should have Tweeted 25 times or more in the last 30 days.

The Pink Badge for Tweets from a Super Follows Account

All tweets done from a Super Follows account will carry a pink badge. This badge would indicate that this is subscription-only content. Any reply to the tweet by a Super Follower will be accompanied by a Super Follower badge. This badge will enable a content creator to identify the tweet easily. Content creators have the freedom to choose whether to tweet on a regular basis for all followers or only for the Super Follows.


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