The Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your Business

May 11, 2022

There is no escaping the fact that we now live in a digital world. We turn to the internet for all aspects of our lives, from streaming our favorite TV shows to ordering our groceries. So, of course, when we need a specific product or service, where else would we turn but the world wide web? In 2022, if your business doesn’t have a website, it might as well not exist! However, with around 2 billion websites currently online, it is not enough to simply have a website; you also need a complete digital marketing strategy to make sure that you stand out above all of those other websites. An internet strategy consultant can help you develop the best internet marketing plan for your business.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the advantages your business could experience by working with an internet strategy consultant to develop a digital marketing plan.

1 - Optimizing for Mobile Browsing

Imagine being able to be right there in a consumer’s pocket when they decide to make a purchase. With the latest advances in mobile technology, almost everyone is carrying a powerful computer with them at all times. Internet marketing allows you to market directly to them in real-time as soon as they decide to purchase something. Sitting in a coffee shop with a friend who makes a book recommendation - the first thing you do is pull out your phone and search for it! Sometimes people think digital marketing is only for e-commerce, but it is also beneficial to businesses that operate from brick-and-mortar locations.

Fun Fact! The number of ‘near me’ and ‘close by’ searches has increased by 900% over the past two years! This underlines the importance of local SEO, which is something an internet strategy consultant can certainly help with.

2 - Flexible Marketing Strategies

The fantastic thing about digital marketing is the amount of flexibility it has. There are so many options available to you that you can completely customize your marketing strategy to best suit the needs of your business. You have the flexibility to try different techniques and approaches before settling on the most effective combination. Just some of the options available as part of a carefully designed digital marketing plan include:

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

3 - Directly Target Your Audience

One huge advantage associated with digital marketing is the ability to target a very specific demographic. When you think about more traditional forms of marketing like newspaper ads, tv or radio commercials, and billboards, it is difficult to determine who will see that content.

However, you can laser focus your campaigns to target your ideal customer when it comes to internet marketing. With the help of an internet strategy consultant, you can determine who your target market is and how you can directly target them with your advertising. This can be via pay-per-click advertising or by finding the platforms where your audience spends their time and publishing engaging content there. Online marketing also allows you to directly communicate with your target market, allowing you to build relationships with your customers.

4 - Build Your Brand Reputation

Whether online or offline, the root of any marketing plan is attracting attention for your business! The great thing about working with an internet strategy consultant to develop a digital marketing plan is that it helps you to reach a massive audience. Online marketing allows you to interact with consumers directly in real-time. This makes it much easier to answer questions and handle enquires while also creating a relationship with the customer. This can help you move away from a faceless corporation to a trusted brand. All of the different facets of online marketing help contribute to your brand reputation. For example, good quality, well-researched content helps position you as an expert in your field. A responsive social media platform where you interact with followers highlights a commitment to customer service.

5 - Value for Money

Saving money is always an advantage, right? You will be happy to know that you get much more value for money when you compare the cost of traditional ‘offline’ marketing and using an internet strategy consultant for a digital marketing campaign. Internet marketing allows you to reach larger audiences for a much smaller financial investment. Don’t forget, as discussed earlier, that audience is also going to be much more targeted than a newspaper ad or a radio jingle! It is easy to create a digital marketing plan to suit your budget, allowing even small businesses to compete in the marketplace. Did you know that just a $25 investment on Facebook ads could put your business in front of thousands of potential customers?


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