Understanding the Value of Content Marketing

Jun 02, 2022

If you are marketing your business online, you need to invest in a great content marketing strategy. This is difficult for some business owners to understand as they don't see the connection between writing an informative blog post and selling a product or service. However, the harsh reality is that modern consumers are resistant to traditional advertising! They are often mistrustful of a brand pushing a hard sell approach on them. Consumers are looking to build a relationship with a brand, and serving up fresh content that offers them something of value is an excellent place to start.

Let's look at how an internet strategy consultant can help you produce a valuable content marketing strategy.

What is Content Marketing?

Let's start with a brief recap on what content marketing means. In simple terms, it is the creation, publication, and distribution of entertaining or educational information that your audience will engage with. When approached correctly and with the help of an internet strategy consultant, a good content marketing strategy can help gain consumers' trust and position your brand as a trusted expert in your field.

Fun Fact! Content marketing is not a new-fangled digital concept introduced by the internet! If you have been using more traditional marketing methods, you have probably already engaged in content marketing without realizing it. Promotional flyers, newsletters, mailers, and surveys are examples of content marketing just as much as youtube videos, Instagram reels, and blog posts!

Building Trust & Brand Reputation

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to creating content is that it has to be great! Whether it is a lengthy blog post, a short video, or a social media post, it must offer something of value to your audience. Ask yourself what that is before you post! Will it help to educate your audience? Can it solve a common pain point? Is it entertaining? You shouldn't publish content just to fill a space on your editorial calendar. It is far more important to create quality content, even if that means skipping a day or two to allow you to research a topic thoroughly.

When it comes to content, quality should be your main focus rather than worrying about quantity. When you keep this in mind, you will start to produce a better caliber of content, and your customers will take notice. When you become known for publishing informative content that your consumers can engage with, you will be seen as a credible expert in your field. Consumers will turn to you when they are ready to buy because you are a trusted source in their minds. If you have concerns about how to make sure the content you choose to focus on meets the expectations of your target audience, an internet strategy consultant can help you develop your brand's voice.

Educating Your Audience Matters

Did you know that 81% of consumers will carry out online research before they make a purchase? If you are publishing the right type of educational content, you place your brand in front of consumers who are actively ready to buy! So, how do you know what your target market is looking for from the content they consume. Working with an internet strategy consultant can help you pinpoint the most commonly asked questions and the common pain points your target market faces. This will allow you to plan content that answers those questions and resolves those difficulties. Don't focus on a sales pitch. Instead, focus on how your product will help to solve the problems your audience is facing. When they see how your product can make their lives easier, the natural progression will be making a purchase.

Ditch The Sales Pitch

Let's revisit the point about not focusing on a sales pitch. It may seem natural for you to promote your product and go for the hard sell approach; however, that's the fastest way to turn online consumers off! Yes, there is a timer and a place for the sales pitch, but that time is rarely in your content marketing strategy. As an internet strategy consultant, we have learned over the years that it is important to focus on your audience, not yourself. Think about their needs and what will interest them. Don't be afraid to share content from other credible sources that will be relevant to your audience. Include content about your brand and your products that don't directly sell the product. It is also important to be more human. Consumers don't want faceless brands; they want to develop relationships with real people! It is a great idea to share some more personal content from time to time. That could mean giving consumers a glimpse behind the scenes or sharing a personal experience that your audience will relate to. There is no secret formula that works for everyone. You will need to strike the right balance for your particular audience, but as a general rule of thumb, for every ten pieces of content, no more than 1 or 2 should be a direct call to action.


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