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Web Design Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Jan 23, 2024

When it comes to designing a great website for your business, certain elements will always be important, such as faster loading times, user-friendliness, and SEO. However, the visual aspect of your website will often be influenced by the latest web design trends and techniques, which tend to change in line with other trends such as fashion, entertainment, and art. Working with an experienced website builder in Knoxville is a great way to incorporate popular web design trends while also making sure that your website stays in style quickly by using the latest trends in conjunction with timeless classics. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the web design trends that will dominate 2024.

Kinetic Typography

As we all know by now, internet users have short attention spans. If you can’t grab their attention instantly, they will likely navigate away from your website and may never return. You need a hook that will reel them in! Kinetic typography is one of the 2024 web design trends that can help you achieve this. This technique involves animating text to attract attention and share messages more dynamically. It allows text to be elevated to become a visual design element while still conveying important information. Kinetic typography can be particularly engaging when used as part of the website’s hero image. A website builder in Knoxville can help you choose the best text to make use of kinetic typography as part of a narrative-driven website design.

Micro-interactions & Microanimations

One of the main principles of designing a successful website is getting and holding the attention of your visitors. It is also important to have a design that will guide your visitors in the direction you want them to go. One way you can achieve this is by using micro-interactions. This isn’t actually a new trend, but it is one that will become more prominent in 2024 web design. One of the most common examples of a micro-interaction is hyperlinks that change color when you mouse over them. This can be elevated to more prominent features, such as backgrounds that change color as you scroll or graphics that animate on mouseover. Micro-animations will also be popular in 2024 and can easily be combined with micro-interactions for an impactful effect. Micro-animations are particularly useful in guiding visitors where to go next. For example, you could add a micro-animation to a call-to-action button to pull focus, making visitors more likely to click.

Custom Illustrations

In 2024, consumers want more of a human touch - even when browsing online. There is a marked shift away from faceless brands that seem disconnected from their audiences, and consumers are looking for brands that have a more personal appeal. Custom illustrations are one of the trends that will help your website embrace this. Use simple, engaging illustrations to tell your brand’s story; you might be surprised at how much engagement it will generate!

Thumb-Friendly Mobile Navigation

In recent years, a great deal of attention has been placed on making websites responsive to accommodate the growing number of internet users browsing on mobile devices. In 2024, responsiveness alone is not enough! One of the significant trends this year is making ‘thumb-friendly’ navigation for your mobile visitors. Think about how you hold your phone when browsing online. Almost everyone will hold their phone with four fingers wrapped around the back, using their thumb to scroll up or down on the screen! It makes sense then that navigation menus and even important call-to-action buttons should be in easy reach of the thumb! Adjusting your website will improve your user experience immensely, making your website much more comfortable for your visitors. A website builder in Knoxville may be able to make minor adjustments to your current site to make it thumb-friendly.

Y2K Aesthetics

No matter which area of design you look at, from fashion and pop culture to art and web design, every trend eventually makes its way back around for a new generation to enjoy! Right now, the style that is enjoying a resurgence is the Y2K aesthetic! Think bright, clashing colors, flash-style animations, and quirky clip art illustrations! Advancements in technology and the evolution of the internet allow this retro style to reach new heights that just weren’t possible in early 200s web design! If you want to revisit Y2K, talk to a website builder in Knoxville about ways to incorporate this vibrant style into your online presence!

Organic Shapes

In recent years, website design has favored geometric shapes. However, in 2024, fluid and organic shapes are going to be more popular. Think about shapes that appear naturally around us - rolling hills, winding rivers, puffy clouds. These shapes are fluid and asymmetrical and are a fun way to break up different sections of your website without the need for harsh or rigid lines. A website builder in Knoxville will be able to guide you through the process of a more organic, free-flowing look for your website.

AI-Generated Imagery

Over the past year, there has been a massive surge in the availability of AI tools. This brought equal measures of fear and excitement to web designers everywhere! However, it will be some time before AI can replace the skill of a professional website builder in Knoxville! With that being said, there is still a place for AI-generated imagery in web design for 2024. Web designers will use AI tools more frequently to generate custom images that make their designs pop!


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