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May 03, 2023

In order to have a successful business in 2023 and beyond, having a great online presence is crucial! However, you can have a fantastic website, but if nobody can find it, then it becomes almost worthless. Investing in a comprehensive SEO strategy is necessary to ensure your website reaches your intended audience. However, SEO is a constantly evolving beast, and if you are not sure what you are doing, you could do more harm than good. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable SEO company in Knoxville to ensure your website uses the latest and most effective technique to rank highly in search engine results.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at what an SEO company in Knoxville will actually do for you and your business!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The end goal of this process is to make your website more attractive to search engines so that their algorithms find the site and place it high on the search results for relevant keywords. Search engines are looking for sites that provide the best match to what a user is looking for. Some of the things that the search engines are looking for include good quality, relevant, up-to-date content, fast page loading, user-friendly navigation, and appropriate keywords that match the search enquiry. If a search engine identifies your website as one that can offer helpful information, it is more likely to place it in one of the coveted top spots on search engine results pages. A good SEO strategy will tie all of the different elements together to optimize your website fully. It can be a lot of balls to juggle, which is why working with a qualified SEO company in Knoxville is recommended.

Keeping Track of Algorithm Changes

One of the most important things that an SEO company in Knoxville does is keep track of changes to the algorithms that determine search rankings. The algorithms have a huge part to play in SEO, so understanding them is crucial. However, search engines like Google are quite secretive about them and only rarely provide insights into what they are looking for. This is because they want the search results to be as natural as possible to make sure users get relevant information served up to them. When you work with an SEO company in Knoxville, they will monitor changes in the algorithm to stay on top of any changes that need to be made. This includes the algorithm shifts that Google provides information on and researching the ones kept under wraps! By tracking how the search engines respond to different things, experienced SEO professionals can make educated guesses about some of the other algorithm features and optimize your website accordingly.

SEO Services

As part of a comprehensive SEO strategy, the SEO company in Knoxville that you work with will offer a variety of services designed to work in tandem to fully optimize your website. Some of these services will include the following:

  1. Keyword Research - One of the most well-known aspects of SEO is keywords. The keywords you choose to target should align with the search terms that people are likely to type into a search engine. Your chosen SEO company in Knoxville can help you with this research to make sure you are choosing the best keywords for your online campaigns.
  2. Content Creation - It is also important to create high-quality content providing your target audience with useful information. This is a part of SEO, as the search algorithms are looking for relevant information. An SEO company in Knoxville can help you to provide a steady stream of fresh content to publish, making your website more attractive to search engines and to your target audience.
  3. Mobile-Friendly Browsing - Another significant ranking factor for search engines is whether or not your website offers a mobile-friendly experience for users. As of February 2023, 52.08% of website visitors are from mobile devices. As a result, Google now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. An SEO company can help you ensure your website is fully optimized for mobile users.
  4. Loading Times - One of the algorithms we know a little bit about is that Google is looking for websites that load quickly. A site that loads quickly is more attractive to internet users. Research shows that 40% of consumers will not wait longer than 3 seconds for a page to load before leaving the website! Your SEO professionals will help you to make sure that doesn’t happen by optimizing the speed of your website.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what an SEO company in Knoxville can do to help your website be seen by Google, and of course your target audience! If you are interested in taking the next step, why not reach out to us today?

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