What Is an SEO Company & Why Do I Need One?

Sep 19, 2023

Are you trying to increase your brand's online visibility? If so, mastering SEO is an essential step on the road to success. However, it can be complex and is constantly evolving, so it can be beneficial to work with an experienced SEO company in Knoxville. Let's take a look at what an SEO company can do and why your business needs one!

What Can an SEO Company Do?

To summarize the fundamental goal of an SEO company in Knoxville, they provide businesses with a range of services designed to optimize their websites for maximum search engine visibility. They will use a selection of SEO techniques and other services to achieve this, including the following:

  • On-Page SEO - An SEO company in Knoxville can work to improve the front end of your website by improving the content, developing an internal link strategy, optimizing URLs, and ensuring an excellent user experience.
  • Off-Page SEO - Using off-site resources to improve Search engine visibility is also important. One of the ways to use off-site SEO is by building backlinks from credible and authoritative sources.
  • Technical SEO - An SEO company in Knoxville will also audit the backend of your website and determine what needs to be updated to make the site more attractive to search engine spiders! They will address things like page loading speed, optimizing metadata, and ensuring the coding is clean to perform optimally.
  • SEO Audits - An SEO audit is one of the first steps an SEO company in Knoxville will undertake when you engage their services. This gives them an opportunity to get an understanding of the current state of your SEO efforts and give a benchmark on which to build a new strategy. It will highlight your current strengths and your areas of weakness.
  • Competitor Analysis - It always pays to know what the competition is doing! An experienced SEO company in Knoxville knows the value of analyzing what your competitors are doing by researching their search rankings and what sort of content is performing well. This can provide valuable insight into what you could do to rise above the competition.
  • Content Marketing - Content marketing is something that goes hand in hand with SEO. One of the ranking factors that Google uses is whether or not a website has fresh and relevant content. Without high-quality content that is optimized with the appropriate keywords and phrases, your website is unlikely to reach the coveted 1st page of Google Search. An experienced SEO company in Knoxville, like bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, can help provide that authoritative content that your audience will engage with.
  • Local SEO - If you have a brick-and-mortar business and need help attracting local customers, local SEO techniques are particularly helpful in getting your website to show up in more local searches.

In addition to these SEO strategies, an SEO company might also suggest other techniques such as PPC, Social Media Ads, and email marketing.

Do I Really Need an SEO Company?

You may be wondering why you need help tackling your website's SEO. In theory, you could do the work by yourself, assuming you know what to do. Many books and online tutorials can teach the basics, but the problem is that the online world moves incredibly quickly. Google's algorithms are constantly changing. That means SEO techniques are constantly evolving, too. When you are already trying to run your business, keeping up with the changes in search engine optimization can be an additional challenge you don't have time to tackle. Working with an experienced SEO Company in Knoxville takes that off your plate, leaving you free to do what you do best - leading your business to success! It also gives you the advantage of having a professional team handling your SEO strategy, giving the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is being done correctly. Poorly executed SEO can do more harm than good! It is important to get it right!

Why Choose bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®?

When you are choosing an SEO company in Knoxville to work with, the choice can be overwhelming. So, the question is, why should you work with bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® over any other SEO agency in the city? We are a boutique agency that takes a different approach to digital marketing. Our proprietary techniques are rooted in psychology. Through studying human behavior in relation to the online world, we have learned how to produce digital media that evoke genuine emotions. We understand what it takes to satisfy both the human audience and the Google algorithms! Our boutique status means that we are selective about the clients we work with. This allows us to provide a personalized service to each of our clients. You won't get lost in the shuffle like you might at a large agency. Our entire team will get to know you and your brand intimately, allowing us to provide a custom SEO and marketing strategy designed just for you. That's the bluedress difference - don't settle for less!

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