Why Isn’t My Website Ranking on Google?

Mar 13, 2023

It’s 2023, and we are living in an increasingly digital society. That means your business needs to have a powerful online presence if it wants to get noticed. If you don’t have a website, your business may as well not exist! If you want it to get noticed, you need to rank at the top of Google and other search engines for keywords relevant to your products or services. If your website isn’t ranking on Google, then you need support from an SEO company to make sure your website is getting noticed. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons your website won’t rank and how an SEO company can help fix that!

Why is Ranking Important?

First, let’s talk about why ranking at the top of Google and other search engines matters. Statistics show that the number one result in Google search results will get more than 34% of the organic traffic, making it the most valuable position on the page. The second result only gets under 17%, while the third place can expect about 11.5%. Below the top 3 spots, the traffic share reduces significantly the further down the page you go. Over 90% of users will never go beyond the first page of search results. An experienced SEO company can help to optimize your website to give it a better chance of claiming one of the top spots.

Now, let’s look at some of the reasons why your website is not ranking on Google or not at least reaching the first page. We will also explore how an SEO company can help to resolve those issues.

1 - You Haven’t Waited Long Enough

It is important to understand that when you first build your website, you cannot expect to launch it and have it rank immediately for your chosen keywords! Even if you have put in the work to optimize the website, it is going to take time to start ranking. When you work with an SEO company, they will usually request a minimum of 30 to 90 days to see accurate results. SEO takes patience, especially in the beginning. Depending on how competitive your keywords are, you could expect it to take up to a year to get consistent rankings. SEO isn’t something that happens overnight. Not only do you have to work on making the necessary changes on your website to improve your rank, but you must also wait for Google to recognize those changes.

2 - You Are Not Using The Right Keyword

Sometimes you need to do testing to ensure that the keywords you choose to rank for are the right ones. Is it something your target audience will type in to find a business like yours? Is it just too competitive, meaning even the sites with the best SEO cannot break onto the first page? Or does your keyword mean something different to Google? Look at the content that is being ranked on page one for your keywords. How is it different from yours? You might be giving a different answer to what Google believes consumers want or need. Working with an SEO company can help you to produce editorial content that satisfies the needs of your target demographic and then help to optimize that content for better results.

3 - Your Website Is Letting You Down

It is not enough to design a website that looks great with flashy graphics and an attractive layout. While it is important to design a website that will be aesthetically pleasing to your human audience, it is also important that it is intended for Google bots as well! Some of the things that could be holding you back include:

  • Slow Loading
  • Duplicate Content
  • Stale, Out of Date Content
  • Confusing Navigation or Site Structure
  • Incomplete Metas & Alt Tags
  • No New Content Added

All of these problems and more can be resolved by working with the right SEO company.

4 - You Are Not Using a Holistic Approach to Online Marketing

SEO is not something that stands alone. It works best when used in conjunction with other online marketing techniques, such as content marketing, PPC ads, social media, and email marketing, among others. So many factors contribute to your rankings on Google that you need to be able to juggle several balls to make it to the top. You’ve already got your hands full running your business, so doesn’t it make sense to connect with an SEO company that can catch some of those balls you have been dropping?

5 - You Are Not Watching The Competition

Many people approach SEO as if it is a one-on-one battle between themselves and Google. However, you need to remember that many other businesses in your industry are also competing for the coveted top spot in the search results. One of the great things about hiring an SEO company is that they will help you to watch what your direct competitors are doing to improve their rankings and ensure that your strategy pushes you further, allowing you to beat them out for the higher rankings.

To Your Best Online!


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