Why You Should Say NO! To Cookie-Cutter Websites

September 07, 2021

89% of online consumers will opt to go with your competitor after a bad experience with your website! Unfortunately, many small businesses out there are losing business thanks to poorly designed cookie-cutter-style websites that just don’t meet their needs. bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® want to change that!

Your Business Needs to Stand Out in a Crowd

Right now, there are an estimated 1.88 billion websites online. A massive amount of that is just digital clutter. So how are you going to get the attention of your target market? You certainly won’t do it with the same boring Cookie-Cutter website that every one of your competitors uses! 

We know that other website builders in Knoxville and beyond are selling cheap, fast website designs, but it is a false economy. They can do this by creating 10-20 websites at once using the exact same template! At bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, we believe in giving our clients one on one attention. Everything is created as a custom media piece just for you. It may take a little longer, but the end result is worth it!

First Impressions Matter

Did you know? The design of your website is the number one factor in consumers deciding how credible your business is. It takes just 0.5 seconds for them to form that opinion. That tells us that first impressions matter! It is important to present a website that truly reflects your brand and what it stands for. Suppose your potential customers see the same site they have seen 1000 times before. In that case, they will assume you don’t really care about your business and may even decide your product is likely poor quality too. Don’t sell your business short with a poorly designed website. When you choose bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® as your website builder in Knoxville, you are getting a team of dedicated professionals. Each team member is an expert in their field, whether that is a master web coder, a flawless graphic designer, a dynamic video animator, or a creative content curator.

You Deserve Something As Unique As You Are

Your business is unique. There is something about it that sets you apart from the competition. So why wouldn’t you choose to showcase that? Cookie-Cutter websites are going to force you into the same pre-made templates that everyone else uses. That’s going to stifle your brand. You need something as unique as you are!

The bluedress INTERNET MARKETING® difference

At bluedress INTERNET MARKETING®, the only cookies we care about are the ones served with a cold glass of milk! We do not believe in forcing our customers to fit our templates. We build your website from the ground up using custom HTML code, unique and engaging content, and custom-made graphics. This is more than just a website! It’s a vehicle to showcase your business in the best possible light.

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To Your Best Online!


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