Why Your Business Benefits from Social Media

Oct 06, 2022

Do you remember a time before the internet? When companies exclusively paid to publish print ads or possibly purchased air time on a local radio or television station? Do you remember a time when the term ‘online lead generation’ didn’t exist? The marketing landscape drastically changed as the internet blasted into relevance over a short period.

Soon after website pioneers created their own unique space on the web, social media tagged along for the ride. Now, if you’re a business sticking to what you thought was tried and true with exclusively marketing the ‘old-fashioned way (and skipping any online lead generation), you’re missing out on a potential landslide of new customers.

To be relevant today as a business, joining the social media ranks can take your company a long way. With 4.59 BILLION people estimated to use social media in 2022, you’d be missing out on a staggering amount of potential business by skipping social media accounts or online lead generation.

Why Does Social Media Matter?

You probably can’t go a day without hearing the phrase, social media. It’s a household term, and most people know what it is. In essence, social media consists of ‘interactive technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks.’

You may know what it is, but do you understand https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2022/09/06/why-businesses-and-brands-need-to-be-taking-advantage-of-social-media/?sh=394dc0cc216c

  • Besides the fact that most of your customers engage with various platforms online frequently, consider that your competition is also likely online. Be prepared to be obsolete if you don’t join the ranks of your competition.
  • If for some reason, your competitors are not online, this allows you to work on online lead generation and strive to gain a share of the market that your competition has not harnessed.
  • Creating social media accounts allows you to build a community. Creating a community that continually grows with a little strategy and well-executed implementation will go a long way. With a community, users can engage with your company, see your insights, and feel like they have a voice alongside you.
  • Once you’ve built a community, opportunities for connection will follow. No one wants to feel like an island and float around isolated during this digital age. The ability to connect not just locally but globally opens up a world with connections that cannot be seen anywhere but online.

Benefits of Incorporating Social Media

Now that you know why creating social media accounts matters, what about the benefits? Keeping relevant in this digital age by developing and engaging in social media accounts does more than just help with online lead generation -

  • You’ll be able to increase your brand awareness. By using some of the largest platforms (like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), your posts will open up to millions of various subscribers.
  • You’ll keep on the forefront of users’ minds. If you’re walking around in a bustling, busy store and see every other person staring at their phone as they walk, some are likely checking their social media accounts. On Facebook, they may see your post adjacent to their friend’s picture of their silly dog.
  • An audience on any given platform could increase your website traffic. That person who found your post on Instagram (next to the cute dog picture) may end up on your company’s website and become a new customer.
  • Online lead generation is such a significant component of social media. Popular platforms offer space you pay for so you can work on gathering a new audience and fresh leads.
  • By regularly updating your social media accounts, you’ll be promoting fresh content to push out to new and existing customers.
  • Staying on top of your game is critical to having an online presence. You’ll be able to manage your reputation by remaining engaged with your audience and extinguishing any fires that may erupt unnecessarily.

The ever-expanding world will never see the dark ages where being connected to everyone else no longer exists. Creating and maintaining an online presence tops the list of critical pieces to successfully running a business. By focusing on online lead generation and populating various social media accounts, you’ll be able to secure your spot among fellow business owners in this electronic age.


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