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Proprietary Launch & Optimization Systems

Full search viability analysis utilizing our proprietary online tool systems. Highest engagement and search terms analyzed. Survey analysis of target market to learn trigger response areas. Channel build and entire online program stays true to the integrity of viable search terms, highest trigger response, and authenticity alignments to client's core truths.

Custom Website

Get the latest up-to-date website incorporating: Custom design, end user functionality, SEO practices, flawless graphics, and crystal clear content creation. Ask about your own custom coded software site, the sky is the limit!

Full Social
& Content Development

Multi-channel social & content site launch. From ``Soup to Nuts``: Portal build and opening, Full custom graphics, Brilliant content creation, Online Mgt Dashboard, to SEO practices.

Exponential Creative Content Tracking

Track the exact place your viable target market 'lives', as well the exact content that creates the conversion.

Exponential Response Rate - Targeted Digital Ads

Create Exponential Response on Targeted Social Ads. Based on prior analysis and identifying the ECC (Exponential Creative Content). This ECC response rate will bring a 4x response rate of traditional content. Continue to track and be nimble as content is produced and our proprietary software, peepJuice tracks engagement for quick and nimble optimization tactics.

Online Maintenance
& Optimization

Optimize your entire online presence with one cohesive strategy: Channel build, Graphic design, Content creation, Content publishing, Full analytical tracking, Online Surveys, Email Campaigns, Laser focused targeted digital ads, to entire online presence management and optimization. We have you covered.

Ingrid Maddox Founder and Owner bluedress INTERNET MARKETING, Inc. A formula for winning online is here at Blue Dress. It’s a NEW ONLINE now and strategies must be quick and nimble, yet effective. Learn More…


Search Viability Analysis


Survey Testing


Content Creation & Creative Design


Portal Build


Content Publishing 777


Exponential Creative Content Tracking


Targeted Digital ads

Optimizing your online presence is easy when you have a scientific and logical approach. It’s all about the right data as your nucleus. No more guess work. Online success equals proper analysis, brilliant design & content, targeted communication, and in-depth tracking.

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Ingrid Gee has helped us so much to grow our business. Since we started working with her, our Jazzercise franchise has risen to Number 8 in our District (NC, SC, and TN). With her help and guidance with targeted Facebook Ads and Promoted Posts, we were able to drive more new customers through our doors in just one week, then in the entire three weeks before when we tried to do it on our own. Even though we don't have a lot of capital to invest in marketing and advertising, she treats us like we are are a top tier customer. I would highly recommend Ingrid and Bluedress to anyone that wants to increase sales.

Campbell Station Jazzercise   

Ingrid and the Blue Dress Marketing team did a phenomenal job developing our website and helping us improve our social media. I highly recommend Blue Dress marketing. They exceeded our expectations with their knowledge, creativity, communication and efficiency!!! Thank You Ingrid !!!

Leigh Ann Garrett   

Ingrid and the team do amazing at creating a flawless online presence! Every graphic, every content piece is carefully thought out and distributed in a timely manner with amazing efficiency! Handling our online presence has never been easier and more effective!

Belle Muse   

When you hire Ingrid you can trust you will get friendly, professional service, and a high quality finished product. My website is beautiful. She knows her job inside and out and knows how to make the most of your marketing and advertising needs. Her reliability and personable nature makes Ingrid a pleasure to work with.

Thomas Parr   

When you work with Blue Dress, you get friendly professional service. You are also working with people who really care about their work and your success. I've seen Ingrid find ways to help a business improve on social media when they thought they had everything 100% perfect. She knows how to make the very most of your marketing needs. I would feel better knowing Ingrid and Blue Dress Marketing were the ones looking out for my needs !

Bob Becker   

Great service! Always there to cater all your request.

Louise Povlin   

Very responsive and very professional

Fluidtech Environment Services   

Ingrid was very professional and fast in her work. I'm satisfied with the results. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for an internet presence and wanting a professional appearance on the internet.

David C Lee   

Ingrid Gee, The CEO of Blue Dress is absolutely the Best.

Lucky Penny Lane, LLC   

We are very pleased with Blue Dress Internet Marketing services. They are always ready to handle our requests, even if those requests require them to work extra.

Belle Muse   

Ingrid was very professional and fast in her work. I'm satisfied with the results. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for an internet presence and wanting a professional appearance on the internet.

David C Lee