Why You Need a New Site

Bad Websites Damage Brands & Hurt Revenue

Living with a website that is outdated in its design or functionality can cost major amounts of dollars to your company. Slow upload speeds will lose visitors quickly. Cluttered or overly "spoken" websites takes away from the enjoyment of the journey for your end-user. Clarity of message is critical to creating conversions. Does your message ring clear of your value or confuse your visitor so much they leave before taking action?

Frequent Website Mistakes

Top Issues That Make a Website BAD!



No Call
to Action


How can you stand out and attract the right attention online? We have the answer for you. There is an online proven process, and methodology that will generate a minimum of 5x industry standard response rates; and that means more business & money in your pocket!


Custom Designed & Built to Fit YOU


Custom Designed & Built to Fit YOU

Some web development companies make you fit into their pre-determined/pre-made molds. Our difference is designing & building a custom website wrapped around YOUR truths. Exactly what you need and building from the ground up!

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CLARITY of Message Based on Real-Time Data


CLARITY of Message Based on Real-Time Data

How you communicate, look, and 'speak' online matters. Collaborating with you to achieve a crystal clear online message; Crafting content to resonate with your target market. Researching the real-time search trends and social viral chatter of your market and pinpointing the motivating factors and communication to attract these buyers to your service/product.


Call To Actions that CONVERT


Call To Actions that CONVERT

At the end of the day what matters is getting your website to evoke the response(s) you desire from its visitors. We identify upfront the action items and user experience needed to engage and convert. Creating the perfect pitch and language to increase standard conversion rates 100%+

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Our Strengths Utilized for YOUR Success

It takes the right team to bring excellence to your project. We like to think our team has both talent and skill. An inborn strength for what we do + our longevity in our trade allows us to master the skill of online.


Strategic Online Marketing Plan #1
Data-Driven Approach | Digital Psychology #2
Custom Designed Site Graphic(s) #3
Full Content Creation #4
Clean Strong Website Code #5
Mobile-Optimized | Google Friendly #6
New Leads #7

Our Promise

We will never short cut a project to save time or money. We will always bring our A-Game on every project, every time. No excuses. Only excellence. It takes what it takes and that is our promise; We will always do what it takes to ensure optimal success for your website and online.

Proven Formula | Solid Methodology
No Cookie Cutters! | Custom Made for You
Seasoned A-Team | We Get the Job Done!
What's Next?

Easy As 1-2-3

We understand trying to figure out your online and website needs can be overwhelming. We are here to help navigate you through the rough waters of online. We've developed a streamlined, painless process for your web development project.

3 EASY Steps | Websites that Work | Websites that Convert

Strategic Marketing Consultation

During this time we learn more about you, and determine your most important products, services, and truths for your business. We also extract any data needed for Step 2 and any logistical information needed (access to online portals, etc).

After this step we take the ball and run with it, your time is valuable and we keep your project moving now that we've got everything we need from you!

Data Research | Content & Design Creation

This is where the fun stuff happens on the backend! We roll up our sleeves and uncover your market's search trends and 'chatter' online for your products/services.

Combining these 'market' truths with your truths from Step 1 to write beautiful content, wrapped in custom design, to be sent to Step 3... the build.

Site Build & Delivery

Your custom made graphic mockup & perfect content now gets brought to life! Your code is written to allow your design and content to now 'live' online. Fully optimized for today's online shifts, Google search visibility, and mobile-friendly indexing.

Built into a backend demo for your review and alterations until perfect, before uploading to your own server for final flight and delivery. Enjoy!


What Our Clients Say


"Ingrid and her team are awesome, and on top of all aspects of my account at all times. I am very happy that their promises meet their actions. I recommend you seriously consider them."

Mike Schaeffer

Protrk Construction

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Testimonial Author

"From the onset Ingrid and her team of dedicated professionals at Blue Dress Internet Marketing lead the way to create a new look for our company website. The result is a professional-looking company website rather than the old DIY website builder program used previously...thanks again for all your hard work!"

Matt Hughs

HL Environmental

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Testimonial Author

"Bluedress was exceptional in their service and product. My website speaks for itself. It is comprehensive and well-done. I would highly recommend Bluedress for your website and marketing needs."

John Dupree

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Testimonial Author

"Bluedress is doing a great job helping PumpTex boost there digital marketing footprint and has turned out to be a great partner for us. We have seen real results from the investment we made."

Jay Ruth

PumpTex, Inc.

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Testimonial Author

"Ingrid and her team are very creative and a delight to work with. They collaborate with us, then add their ideas, and experience to get it done!"

Dr. Ann Hawkins

Responders 1st CallTM

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