How can an Internet Strategy Consultant Get You More Attention Online?

Jul 29, 2022

A client recently asked me. What's the difference between hiring an internet strategist or a website builder to design my website? After all, aren't they typically going to do the same thing?

Honestly, any reputable website builder can build you a website, and it will do what you tell them you need it to do. But a good internet marketing consultant will inquire, anticipate current and future needs and design your marketing plan to see that you accomplish your stated objective.

One builds a website, and the other creates a marketing and income-responsive vehicle to propel your growth.

There is a vast difference between a website builder and an internet strategy consultant.

The strategies involved in maximizing your online exposure don't become a reality without investing time, knowledge, and resources. So, when attempting to select an online marketing agency to support your online growth and brand positioning. You must choose wisely. All marketing agencies are not the same. Not in size, thoughts, resources, or outcomes.

We have a unique new client process at bluedress INTERNET MARKETING. First, we interview potential clients to learn about their goals and what motivates them. Everything starts with the leadership and its vision. Then, we ask the client about their available resources to our firm's time, staff, finances, operations, and commitment. Once we commit to a partner, we know to accomplish big things, it must be a partnership collectively.

We must know their commitment is as secure and measured as ours to win. The right strategy applied adequately can and will make the difference between a hit to first base or a home run. We want home runs!

Everything starts here for our clients.

  1. Online Market Analysis: As your strategy consultant, we initially look at your current brand marketing, revenue objectives, potential market capacity, marketing ROI, and resources available to meet stated goals. As we move forward, this information will act as the guide to helping our clients reach their determined objectives.
  2. Operational Capacity: Our objective is to quickly determine the leadership capacity, opportunity size, the scale of competition, obstacles, required resources, and talent available. They must align with the company's mission statement, vision, commitment, and flexibility. Based on the intellectual data we have collected and analyzed and the resources available.
  3. Product Reach Potential: Determine the product's or service's top-tier market capacity. List the relevant obstacles, competition in the market and commitment, the cost of market-share acquisition, opportunities (areas) for expansion, additional hires, and potential pitfalls.
  4. Competition Research: We determine the competition's brand strengths and weaknesses and determine potential marketability based on data and consumer trends. We are looking for online competitor gaps in the industry and opportunities for leveraging our unique gap-fill proposition to capture market share. We are searching the data to identify additional options and weaknesses in online marketing campaigns.
  5. Ideal Customer Profile: Identifying the target audience is critical to operating strategically by researching demographics, buying behaviors, drive psychology, must priorities, and potential challenges. We develop a crystal clear avatar of our customers. Where, what, why, and how guides all of our future marketing campaigns.
  6. Custom build your brand website: Today, more than any time in business history, it is critical to design a sleek, fast, inclusive, and information-driven website to house your brand. With the vast array of marketing opportunities, your website must outperform, if required, the internet itself. Your website is the first and last place your customers will attach to your brand. It must communicate your message and be intuitive to their needs.
  7. Design Online Marketing Strategy: This is where the acquired data is so critically important. We develop the brand message, delivery platforms, market spend, and unique selling proposition by analyzing the research data. It's then bundled, packaged, and delivered online to your ideal customers. Finally, we navigate your marketing strategy with pinpoint accuracy by utilizing all relevant social media platforms to optimize your ROI. Online marketing is positioned and directed by our agency team leads, eliminating potential revenue/market slippage and maximizing growth and market scale.
  8. Analyze and Optimize: Constant analysis of the real-time numbers, metrics, consumer engagement, and SEO positioning allows our team to be responsive and strategic to market shifts and take advantage of changes in the online marketing strategy. Delivering set objectives, goal obtainment, revenue increases, expanded market share and winning.

Now that you better understand the key metrics and deliverables offered, you will also see the benefit of choosing an internet strategy consultant over a website builder. If your key objective is to capture more online attention and increase your market share; then you need to focus on developing an effective strategy to win in today's competitive business environment. Let's talk about how to partner and prosper in 2022.


To Your Best Online!


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