What Are Landing Pages & Why Do I Need One?

Feb 08, 2023

If you are working to generate leads online, you can put many different techniques into play. One of the ones you may have heard mentioned a lot is a landing page. This is a single page on your website designed with the sole purpose of converting visitors into sales. It might sound simple, but the truth is, developing a landing page that actually generates leads can take a lot of work to accomplish. You will want to work with an experienced website builder in Knoxville to create landing pages that can take your sales funnel to a whole new level!

What Is a Landing Page?

First things first, let’s talk about what a landing page is and how it is different from any other website page. A landing page is almost always a standalone page on your website. It may even be on an entirely different domain name than your main site. It is specifically designed to convince visitors who land there to take a specified action. That could be to fill out a contact form, to make a sale, or even to download a pdf. Regardless of the final call to action, the landing page’s sole focus is to guide consumers to take that action. Landing pages rely heavily on psychology and human behavior. Often they are designed to offer visitors something of value in exchange for their contact information. That could be a free ebook, competition entry, exclusive videos, or discount coupons. You can have as many different landing pages as you like, each targeting a different segment of your target market. The key is ensuring that you work with a website builder in Knoxville with the experience and knowledge to build landing pages that are lead-generating machines!

How Effective Are Landing Pages?

Regarding how effective landing pages are, the truth is that they are only as good as the website builder in Knoxville you choose to design them for you. Their success or failure all depends on getting the right balance of information and call-to-action prompts. In a recent study into how effective landing pages are, 68.2% of landing pages examined had more than five call-to-action links on the page. However, these pages had an average conversion rate of 10.5%. In comparison, the pages with a single CTA had a 13.5% conversion rate! This is why getting the content and design right is so important. It can heavily impact your conversion rates. It is also interesting to note that among all of the landing pages studied, those with desktop-only versions averaged a 10.7% conversion rate, but when the page was mobile-friendly, the average jumped to 11.7%.

Why Do I Need a Landing Page?

We know what a landing page is and what it is supposed to do, but the burning question is, does your business really need to invest in one? Let’s take a look at five reasons why a landing page is worth pursuing.

  • Generate Leads - Landing pages are first and foremost about generating leads by educating your target audience about your business and capturing their contact information to allow the sales department to close a sale.
  • Gather Demographic Data- Whatever the purpose of your landing page, the end goal is more or less the same - get them to fill out a contact form! Aside from using this to generate leads, it is also a great way to gather demographic data about your audience. It’s all about how you design the form. Work with an experienced website builder in Knoxville to create a form that gathers valuable information, including location, name, email, age range, and more!
  • Data Tracking - Another benefit of using landing pages is that you can track all of the data associated with them and use it to understand your audience’s behavior. What buttons did they click, and which did they skip over? How long did they spend reading the content? With this information and more, you can determine what is working and what isn’t. You can then work with a website builder in Knoxville to revise your landing page to suit your audience better. You can even feed this data into making changes on your main website!
  • Maximize PPC Results - If you work with a website builder in Knoxville to create a landing page dedicated to a specific PPC campaign, it will likely rank higher in search results. This is because Google will judge your ads partly on how relevant the linked page is. That means having a page solely focused on the product in the PPC advert makes it highly relevant, helping your ads to perform much better.
  • Convert More Traffic - Since landing pages are highly focused on one goal or one call-to-action, they distract consumers less. It has limited or non-existent navigation, keeping your audience engaged with the page for longer without clicking on another page. This means that a landing page is likely to convert more traffic than any other webpage.

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